Werewolf: The Apocalypse Characters

Glass-Eye – Elizabeth Greenburg

– Homid – Ragabash – Black Fury

         Lost her left eye during her first change. Rather than becoming a Child of Gaia like her kinfolk family, she chose the Black Furies due to her general dislike of men. She is part owner of Green-Tech Manufacturing, now a multinational corporation run by Child of Gaia kinfolk. The company concentrates on making
products that don’t contain wyrm taint.

Bites the Flame – Angus ‘Fuzzy’ Fusey

– Lupus – Theurge – Bone Gnawer

         Grew up as a stray dog on the streets of Madison. Runs the Sept of Calm Earth at Peace Park on State Street.  Protector of the homeless of Madison. He especially loves to kill anarch vampires who don’t know the rules.

Protects the Children – Theodore ‘Tad’

– Homid – Ragabash – Children of Gaia

Born and raised in the Madison Pack, he is a homosexual whose first change occurred when the children of the pack were under attack. Married to the local Dreamspeaker Mage, Glory of the Morning.

Smells the Clues – Claus Thorsten

– Homid – Philodox – Get of Fenris

         Private investigator.  Although he takes many mundane cases to pay the bills, he advertises as specializing in “Investigations of the Paranormal.” He is a functioning alcoholic who’s only release is in hunting down evil people. He also finds some solace in the moots held in the Arboretum, where he always
takes part in the ritual hunt.

Oil Paw – Allen Wood

– Homid – Ahroun – Glass Walker

         Although he started off well-connected among a network of kinfolk and Garou, Allen quickly took what life gave him and has made the most of it. After acquiring through whatever means any company he feels would enhance his portfolio, he quickly earned a reputation for his willingness to get his hands dirty. In addition to running the Sept of of the Morning Lake in Milwaukee, he is recently getting things at his newest acquisition, the Sept of Running Stone located in the Churchill Building on the Capitol Square, running smoothly.

Mother Mary

– Lupus – Ahroun – Red Talon

         Leader of the King Killer Pack in north central Wisconsin. She also runs the Sept of Bloody Fangs. While her pack still hates humans for all their evil, they at least understands that killing all of them isn’t a good idea.

Silent Gavel – Mariko Grey

– Homid – Arun – Shadow Lord

         At only the age of 27, she is already a local alderman on the Madison City Council.  She aims to be in the state house by the time she is 30. Not well liked by other werewolves in the area, she speaks as though she will be the leader of the pack in short order.

Distant Rumble – Hariq Najam

– Metis – Philodox – Silent Strider

         He ranges across most of North America, along I-90. He comes through Madison at at least once per year, usually in the summer to attend a moot in the Arboretum. He shares tales of his adventures around the globe and brings news of the many Garou with whom he deals.

Morning Song – Talia Wilford

– Homid – Galliard – Silver Fang

         Lives in a Mansion on the north east side. A Philanthropist, she donates much of her family’s money to keep the wildlife of Wisconsin safe. She loves to throw large parties with the elite of Wisconsin.

Bamboo Leg – Lin Zhihao

– Homid – Ragabash – Stargazer

         Sent to Madison by his monastic order in 1979, Bamboo Leg makes his home in the Buddhist temple south of town.  He is old, but still extremely effective in battle. His main function at the temple is the training of Kalindo masters. Due to his history as a warrior and teacher, Leg has allies and contacts
throughout the Garou nation.

Between Roads – Lessie Bedford

– Lupus – Philodox – Uktena

At 5 years old, Between Roads was already head of her pack. By 7, she was sought after for her wisdom in arbitrating matters of her sept. Having raised two litters already, she is facing the prospect of being a grandmother and wants to create a larger place for wolves in Wisconsin.

Whispers to Winds – Ayasha Redford

– Lupus – Galliard – Wendigo         Since before your Ayasha’s first change, she was always running ahead of the rest of her pack to find news and spread tales of her pack and family. She has ranged far and knows most of the Garou and their Septs around Wisconsin. Usually forbidden, the leader of the Sept of the Three Winds has dispatched her to
negotiate on their behalf.

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