Welcome to Madtown 2017

Welcome to Madtown!

The Year: 2017

Known to the world as “77 square miles surrounded by reality,” this city is a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. Last year, the four major powers: Garou, Kindred, Mages, and Hunters created the Gahara Pact, a supernatural pact to fight the darkness that sieges this world. 

The Avatar Storm has come and gone, changing Mage society and much of the Umbral landscape. This allowed for the Nephandi to enact a plan of almost complete control over the Mages of this world. In Madison this gave rise to a rebellion that overthrew this evil leadership. But this has come at a great cost. Jay Dee the Founder of Madison has been destroyed and although the Nephandi leadership has been disposed of, this has allowed old rivalries within the Traditions to rekindle. Will the delicate balance between the Traditions that Jay Dee created in Madison fall into chaos?

The Withering has destroyed the power of Generation for the Kindred. Now they must learn how to survive in this new political landscape, where skill is more important than age or Generation. In Madison this has empowered the Anarchs and allowed them to join forces with the rest of the supernaturals in Madison to destroy the powerful Antediluvian or the God named Set. However with the external threat destroyed and with the Tremere Rebecca Troy’s death, will the Camarilla loyalists be able to disrupt the balance that she created and prevent this Anarch control from continuing? 

Imbued Hunters have arisen to fight and understand the supernatural, as if something is reacting to the darkness that sieges this world. In Madison they have gathered to form a School for the Imbued and have joined forces with what could be called the “good” supernaturals. This is up for debate however and many within the school don’t see this as a “good” thing. Will the death of Redmond the Founder of the School, will they stray from the path he put before them?

Garou continues their failing battle with the Wyrm and Weaver, as humanity continues to fall to corruption. With the death of Walter will they continue to work with Vampires or will they open old wounds. Many of the Garou do not agree and no true leader has yet to emerge for the Sept. Will this infighting continue and destroy any hope for a united Garou in Madison?

In the wake of the Maelstrom, the Wraith Empires have been wiped from the Tempest and Shadowlands. By inhabiting the bodies of the dead, many Wraith and Spectres have found a way to escape the Maelstrom and make it back to Earth.  Others have escaped to the digital web and some even say the Umbra…

These events and many more have led to the World of Darkness becoming a much more dangerous place. The world hasn’t ended, but it sure has changed since the 90s!

Now Madison may not look as bright as it once was but there is still hope and the creation of the Gahara Pact between Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters has the potential to help that hope bloom or wither. An official meeting of the Gahara Pact has been set to vote on a charter for this fragile alliance. The next two days are even more important than the destruction of Set…

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