Vampire: The Masqurade Characters

Character Descriptions for Vampire

Vampires of the first wave

(Deceased) Rebecca Troy: First Kindred of Madison and leader of the Tremere of Madison.

Tori Redford -Gangrel- Childe of Otto. Baroness of madison. wendigo kinfolk.  Has a Garu child and grandchildren from before the embrace.  Has garou gifts.  Desperately wants the vampire’s and werewolves to get along.  Has a room at the council haven Basilica of the Cenobite..

Devin Tridel-Myor -Toreador- Chairman. Camarilla sympathizer.  The younger of the two toreador sisters.  Has a love/hate relationship with her sister Charity Myor.   Has major influence in madison hi-society, The Castle, and Section 13

Charity Myor -Toreador- Chairman.  Anarch sympathizer. The older of the two Toreador sisters tho she was embraced first and as a child.. Has a love/hate relationship with her sister Devin Tridel.  Has major influence in campus culture, The Idealist, and The commoners.  Was given adult body buy Peter Seel.  Lives at the Basilica of the Cenobite. 

Kyle Schuller -Malkavian- Chairman Anarch supporter Grand childe of Brandy madison.  Was forced to diablerize his sire right after his embrace.  Has high humanity and merits that makes him appear very human.  Has visions. Is on a quest for gulcanda.  Lives at the Basilica of the cenobite.  Walks the streets and parks of madison nightly.  Gets wayward supernaturals out of trouble.  Very heavily supported by most of the NPC population. Is chairman of two districts and is considered a prophet by some and a madman by others.

Victor King -Ventrue- Chairman. Camarilla supporter.  One of the three arbiters.  Wants stability in madison and the vampire law revamped and/or solidified in a conservative manner, tho his general outlook of vampire society is rather liberal.  Owns a large pharmaceutical research firm.  Has fought werewolves his whole life.  

Benjamin “Ben” Rothe -Tremere- Chairman One of the three arbiters. Was embraced as a child and was the first embrace in the city. Has been a trusted go between the many factions of madison, heavily in vampire/mage affairs. A strong advocate for the protection of the innocent and especially children. He has recently gained allot of influence in the city and is a representative for the Vampires in the Gahara Pact and now an arbiter.

Vampires of the second wave

Lulu Turner -Lasombra- Chairman. Anarch supporter. Runs the communal haven ”Basilica of the Cenobite”. Part of a Hollow One clique.  All her knowledge of mages is through her friend Lacy Z. Rivere.  Desires mystic discipline’s and is a little obsessed with the occult.  Commonly goes out to enjoy madison counterculture nightlife.  Has a vast trust fund from her father who is a Member of a powerful corporation.  

Brando Giovanni – Chairman Giovanni- Camarilla supporter. Runs the airport.  Owns a large construction company. Built the ”Basilica of the Cenobite”.   Has a proxi kissed apprentice necromancer.  Has encountered Euthanatos presence in the deadlands, they Killed one of your prize wraiths.

Michael Kruger -Tremere- Chairman. Camarilla supporter. Childe of Beccha Troy.  Wants the return of the camarilla and control of all the chantrys.  Wants access to Beccha Troy’s library.   Works for the Tremere and is bonded to members of the clan that serve as his superiors.  

David None -Nosferatu- Chairman.  Publicly Ex-Sabot circa 1980. Holds the secrets of sabot rituals and rights (Validry).  Has a room at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Is very Tech savvy for his age and the time period he hails from.  Well known moderator on Shreck net. Has a social media presence.  Keeps secrets well and knows many secrets about the other vampires and supernaturals in Madison. Was Mentored by Jan None.

Borislava Konev -Brujah- Chairman. Anarch supporter. Ex-Sabot circa 1980.  One of the three arbiters.  Has control of several small businesses, and both minor and major gangs.  Wants to be baron.  Would use Baron to move Madison even more Liberal and Anarch in its laws and dealings.  Is at her core rather conservative in view point.  Has a room at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Is a little bit of a madison “Legendary townie”.  Has a deep respect for Victor king tho they agree on little.

Vampires of the third wave

Peter Steel -Malkavian- Camarilla sympathizer Chairman Famous Doctor and cosmetic surgeon. UW hospital alumni. Is currently planning his “mortal death”.  Has Blood bonded and dominated his wife, mistress and son. Performed a massive surgery using Visitude on Charity Myor.  Transforming her from a 9 year old to a 21 year old.  He accidentally blood bonded her during surgery.  Charity Myor owes him still.  Did cosmetic work for Circe Yar’Adua, Fiorella Giovanni, and a few other vampires.  Is leary of James Prydwen and his snooping.  Has a group of supernaturals under lock and key that he uses for study.

Gail Blitzschlag -Tremere- Anarch sympathizer.   Lives at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Has no connection to the clan proper.  Was a sorcerer in life, and learned some Thaumaturgy paths by herself right after her embrace. The rest she acquired through Beccha Troy. Famous web celebrity, and retired pro gamer.

Circe Yar’Adua -Caitiff- Anarch supporter.  Hated by the Traditions because of betrayal.  Disliked by werewolves for intangible reasons.  Not trusted by other vampires.  Very little is known of her publicly.  Got plastic surgery from Peter Steel to make herself look younger.

James Prydwen -Caitiff- Recently became a Chairman. Ex-thin blood. Family man.  High humanity. Sells information to the supernaturals of Madison.  Has a “mundane” family, wife three children a dampyr daughter and two sons.  His whole family knows he’s a vampire and his wife who was ghouled recently wants the embrace, he only recently gaining the ability to ghoul is unsure of whether he can embrace him self. 

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