Technogate Construct

The Technogate Construct is located on the outskirts of Madison Wisconsin. This Technocratic Construct is controlled by a group of Void Engineers who encapsulated a black hole allowing them to travel the Multi-verse.

Technogate Leaders

Senator Johnson:  New leader of the local Technocrats.  He is a high level member of the Syndicate and a Senator for the United States. He controlees the purse strings of the Construct and gives over all approval of gate operations but leaves much of the decision making to General Bridges.

General Bridges:  Second in Command and prior leader of Technogate, Bridges is a Void Engineer.  Technogate is linked to many Void Engineer bases on Earth and throughout the Multi-verse.

Accusations have been lobbied at Bridges for being corrupted by local Reality Deviants. Some say that the General has been meeting with the local Reality Deviants.

Bridges is know for being very friendly and kind, a person that cares more about his teams coming back alive then following rules. Although he reports to Senator Johnson, Bridges has disobeyed orders on occasions that he feels the orders are morally wrong.

Thomas Rollins:  Stationed at Technogate in 1994 an agent of the NWO.  He is head of security for Technogate command and know for being extremely serious and a by the book personality.

Technogate Team 7

Major Rick Anderson:  Second in Command and leader of the Techongate Team 7.  Member of the NWO Rick and Bridges have been best friends for as long as they can remember and always have each others back. Rick is more of a militant while Bridges is an Explorer and the two have found they work great together when in the great unknown.

Master Chief Alexa Davis: Head Engineer for VE and expert at advanced space travel. Extremely friendly and bubbly, Alexa can repair just about anything.

Blake Rockwell:  VE, historian and expert on otherworldly information. Blake is shy and doesn’t go on missions if he can help it. He would rather spend time in the Technocratic Library and ensuring his team has what they need when they arrive on any planet or other universe.

Mark:  Hit Mark V that has been in service with Anderson since 1984.  Considered more than a Hit Mark by the team, he has developed an almost human like personality and is considered the most Human Hit Mark V to ever exist. Although out dated Technogate Team 7 would never replace Mark

Technogate Team 42

Technogate Team 42 is a new team brought together by fate and destiny. The end of the world is approaching and all probability points to a major event that will take place in July 1999.

Phaedra Bennett: Newer member of the Progenitors Phaedra spent most of her life hunting down a Nephandi that killed her mother. Now she is a member of Technogate and diving into the weird world of biology like no other.

Tycho Vance: Having grown up inside the Construct of Technogate Tycho has always been comfortable with advanced science. For a time Tycho rebelled against his up brining and traveled the Umbra with a Pack of Werewolves before they where all killed in a unspeakable event.

He has since started a quest to find his father, who has been missing since the 80s after having been sent on a mission that only Control knows the details of.

Robert Kell: Sociologist and focused on the abilities, limitations, and weaknesses of the mind, Robert has been assigned to the team to look over the well being of the minds of his team mates and to ensure they do not fall to Space Madness.

Malakai Bellamy: Born a Military Brat in a state entirely too flat, Malakai grew up embracing the lifestyle. He had the same High&Tight haircut in every school photo. He started a 5 yr contract with the (Air) Force upon graduation. He drew the attention of The Technocracy during this time, and although his proficiency with firearms was a nice bonus, he was recruited due to his intuitive understanding of energy & power systems.

After several years of success and recognition, Malakai made friends in a Hacker/Maker-space Group, that unknown to him, was the home to several monitored Reality Deviants. After being cleared during the following investigation, The Powers-at-be decided Malakai should take a lateral move into the Technogate program, Eventually being consigned to head up Security in the Civilian Team TG42 for the remaining time in his contract. 

Malakai is a 6′ tall caucasian male, with Dark Hair and Dark eyes, generally seen in jeans, a t-shirt, and a light-weight jacket. His hair is long and unkempt, untouched by scissors since his ‘lateral repositioning.’ He has given up on machinations of becoming among the top brass in the Technocracy, and now strives to protect his team the best he can while closing out his career.

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