Hunter: The Reckoning Characters

Jennifer Greig – Academy Chief of Operations/Medical Consultant – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Redemption.

Jennifer is well educated, and independently wealthy from her time as an ICU surgeon.  Her dedication to the Hunter Academy and her belief in what Redmond was trying to achieve is strong.  As a senior member of the Academy Jennifer takes new students under her wing and tries to show them a better way to handle their imbuing.  When not occupied by the administration of the Academy, Jennifer can be found helping with the instruction of newly imbued or helping out in the Academy hospital.

Lily Raditch – Teacher/Supernatural Ambassador – Creed: Vision – Virtue: Visionary

Lily is an experienced educator.  She is responsible for the Academy’s curriculum and smooth operation of its administration. Her own education, coupled with her accepting nature makes her an excellent ambassador to the other supernatural groups.  When in the field, she tries to witness and document supernaturals habits and culture.  She seeks to attend supernatural events and represent Academy Hunters.  Her specialties are Germanic languages and Vampiric Studies.

Samantha Aranza – Diplomat, Vampire Studies Professor – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Innocence

Samantha is an enthusiastic student of the world she has found herself in.  One of her favorite cartoon heroines was April O’neil, and Samantha feels that she is living something close enough to her hero’s life.  For Samantha’s active imagination, vampires, werewolves, wizards, and every other thing under the sun or moon, are no big leap for her, and she has a great thirst to know more about them all.  It is no surprise to anyone within the Academy that Samantha has gravitated towards Prof. Lily Raditch, and joins her in the field to witness and document supernatural events that Academy Hunters were invited to.

Arlen Castor – Facilities Manager, Safety Director – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Martyrdom

Arlen is a practical man.  He believes in practical things.  But his world was shaken when he was the only survivor of an explosion.  When it was made plain to him that another world existed, a dark sinister world, he did not take it well.  He retreated into himself mentally, and physically within his home.  It took a year for Arlen to gain a bearing on this new reality and his place in it.  When the Messages told him to go to Madison, he went right away.  It did not take long for him to find the Academy, and for them to take him in, and show him their way to Hunt.  Arlen now does all he can to help keep spectres from worsening the lives of good, hard working people.

Natalia Romanenko – Diplomat, Garou Studies Professor – Creed: Zeal – Virtue: Judgement

Natalia’s skills as a hunter have become a bit of a legend to the Madison area.  The students of the Academy aspire to reach her level of ability.  The other faculty respect her humility and straightforwardness.  Natalia struggled at first with the Academy’s teachings, but learned to show restraint and hone her abilities in a direction toward investigation.  She best uses her skills to help rid Madison of “supernatural problems” that are reported around the city.

Richard Hackney –  Firearms Instructor, Amnesiac – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Redemption

Richard’s memories begin just about 7 years ago.  He remembers waking up on a bench one morning in James Madison Park, in the downtown Madison area.  His only guidance was from the Messages.  Through them he was able to make contact with the Hunter Academy, and has been working with them to combat supernaturals around the world.  Before that, his time had been confusing and violent.  Richard’s state was tragic, but as he works with the academy, he is beginning to feel like he belongs.

Jessica Stralia – Dancer/MMA Fighter, Close Combat Instructor, Creed: Zeal – Virtue: Vengeance

Jessica’s desire to fit in and feel accepted is reflected in her own welcoming persona.  Since her imbuing, she has always had a positive view of supernaturals, and is able to find something nice to say about each that she meets. She sees their existence as amazing, beautiful and rare.  As a new student at the Academy, her abilities have not yet been tested.  As a result, some of the other more seasoned members dote on her. Her abilities as a fighter are undeniable, however. 

Gary Holmes – Metalsmith/Melee Weapons Instructor Creed: Zeal Virtue: Defense

Gary is a large, be-muscled man with a solid understanding of his place in the world.  He see’s himself as a legendary adventurer and some sort of father figure to the rest of the academy, even more so now that Prof. Redmond Thatcher, the Academy’s founder, has died.  When not hunting nefarious and dangerous supernaturals, Gary, as a professional metal worker, and swordsmith, practices his craft, and creates useful items for himself to combat the darkness.  His prize creation is “Florence,” his watered-steel longsword.

Roger Allen – Chief Technology Officer, Lead Data Miner Creed: Vision Virtue: Hermit

Roger’s abilities with anything computer or electronic are top notch.  He maintains the network at the Academy and is in charge everything computer related.  His intelligence has been an enormous asset to the Academy for a decade.  What seems to give him an edge over that are the messages he receives.  On more than one occasion, Roger’s life had been saved by a last moment message telling him to go another way.  Meanwhile, few hunters report getting messages of any kind, beyond the ones that brought them to the Academy years ago.

Dominique Faison – Human Resources, Morale Officer, Creed: Mercy Virtue: Innocent

Dominique is a broken woman trying to fix herself in the only way she knows how, by fixing others.  It wasn’t long ago that she was living an upper class lifestyle, and now, after losing her wealth and status, she seeks to rebuild.  She acts as a mother figure over the other hunters in the academy, though she doesn’t seem much older herself.  When not hunting Dominique loves to socialize and listen to everyone’s stories.

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