Gahara Pact Charter


To enforce an everlasting peace between Madison’s Supernatural Factions, protect the Node, and fight the Nameless.


  1. No member is allowed to kill any member that is from another Faction
  2. No member can directly affect the mind, body, or soul with Magic or the likes thereof, of any member that is from another Faction
  3. Meetings are to be held between Factions to work out disputes
  4. Only Authorized supernaturals are allowed within City Limits.  A Magical Barrier Will keep out all

Judicial and diplomatic system

Each faction’s representative will be considered a judge on a council of judges who will oversee all conflicts, issues, and laws broken between factions.

Council Structure

The Council will function as a parallel body with all members having equal standing. Decisions are made by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached on a decision, it will be made by the Gahara. Responsibility for meeting coordination will be rotated among Council members. Specific role responsibilities are as follows:

  • Gahara – Serves as the liaison between the Council and the Umbral Courts.  He is the protector and judge of the Gahara Pact.  He can be called on but does not need to answer. 
  • Council Member:  Each Faction will get 1 representative that will be put into office once a year using any system that faction deems valid.  
  • Member: Members must follow the above rules and will be held to accountable for their own actions.
  • Faction: Each supernatural group will be considered its own faction.  

Council Authority

Council Members vote on and discuss matters of importance to all factions.  Intra faction issues must be resolved internally and members can not influence other internal politics.  Members will also serve as a judges council in matters of judicial authority. 

Extent of Authority

The Council may make recommendations relevant to all human and financial resources under its purview. Gahara or any Council Member may request that a course of action be approved by the Chartering Authority if deemed necessary. Any judicial matters that cross faction lines must be dealt with by the Council.  Any issues that reside within a faction must be resolved by that faction and Gahara can not interfere.


All members of the Gahara pact must meet with Gahara and be evaluated by him.  They must submit their faction and name.  All members of the Gahara Pact are considered safe in the city of Madison. 

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