Demon the Fallen – Characters

BeelzebubDevils (Namaru) (TryitCon: Open) – You were convinced by Lucifer to stop the darkness for Consuming the Light and Fight with all your heart. For this you were given the reward of Torment. What a joke.

But just because the fallen lost the war doesn’t mean they weren’t right and the presence and control the Nameless exerts on all of Reality proves the darkness is here. With the Angels all gone the only things left strong enough to fight this creature are the Fallen!

The mandate of the Heralds was to spread the light of Heaven to every corner of Creation and orchestrate the efforts of the entire Celestial Host in shaping God’s Grand Design. Central to their duties was the Lore of the Celestials, comprising the knowledge of harnessing Heaven’s will (and later, mortal Faith) to locate, inform and support the efforts of other celestials. No less important was the Lore of Flame, granting the Heralds mastery of the primal, purifying fire of creation, and a terrible weapon to wield against their foes. The Lore of Radiance, encompassing the secrets of inspiration and leadership, was not one originally bequeathed to the Heralds, but that evolved among the Devils during the Age of Wrath as these noble leaders and champions refined the power to inspire and command the mortal allies of the fallen.

The memory of their former nobility is something every Devil struggles to forget but never can. Devils know that they were once perfect princes of Heaven, but no matter how they try to pretend otherwise, their current existence is a hollow mockery of that perfection. The timeless imprisonment in Hell also filled most Devils with doubt, regret and shame — emotions they can never express. Wracked by these feelings, Devils are drawn to acts of foolish bravery and quixotic courage

Derick Goodwill

Derick is the one of the local crime lords that used his power to improve the lives of his neighborhood at the expense of other neighborhoods on the rich side of the city.  Derick thought of himself as the modern Robinhood and no one dared commit a crime in his neighborhood.   That was until a rival wanted to take over his territory and tried to gun him down in broad daylight. 


AsmodeusScourges (Asharu) (TryitCon: Open) – In Enochian Asmodeus means Angel of Wind, in the Avestan language *aēšma-daēva, aēšma means “wrath”, and daēva signifies “demon”.

You remember the transition into Age of Wrath before your imprisonment in the Abyss, you do remember having a strong love for all living things and a desire to help breathe life into them.  After the Age of Wrath the war had turned you into something that breathed death into any that dared challenge you.

After escaping the Abyss you have found a new love for life and death.  Free of the cage you found a person that Lived the life of a Soldier.  You slowly built up your powerbase in preparation for the coming war with your Angel Brothers.  You soon learned that Heaven was empty and the world was in the final stages of its fall into Darkness.  You learned of the Nameless, something possibly born out of the Age of Wrath, something that now controls what’s left of the Archdukes and many other supernatural groups.

It was then that you joined the Luciferan faction, believing that only Lucifer would have the power to stand up to whatever the Nameless is.


Raised in a farm family of 7 children, Duke was the oldest and found escape via the Military.  Duke traveled the world doing covert ops combat missions for the Military.  He lived a life of duty with little love for the social interactions, mostly spending your nights reading a manual or cleaning your guns.


MammonMalefactors (Annunaki) (TryitCon: Open) – Conscripted to make the weapons for the Age of Wrath, you spent most of your time creating demonically enhanced weapons and tools all with the hope that one day the Angels would see the Truth and join their brothers to fight the coming darkness.  Now they are gone and heaven is empty.  The Nameless have asked you to bend the knee and if Lucifer doesn’t come out of hiding to stand up to this creature all may be lost for humanity.  But you won’t go down without a fight and you sure the hell aren’t going to bend the knee to the darkness they foresaw so long ago.

Though seldom seen, the Artificers were responsible for maintaining the ever-changing face of Paradise, carving valleys, raising mountains and extending plains in a slow, steady cycle of motion that stimulated all other cycles of physical life. This prime duty was represented by the Lore of the Earth, granting these angels the secrets of shaping rock and soil no matter how vast or small. Hand-in-hand with this enormous task went the responsibility of making the earth accessible to the living creatures that inhabited it by laying pathways from one location to another. The Lore of Paths is a subtle but potent collection of evocations that dictates how a physical object passes from one point to another. Humanity believes that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but that’s only because the angels of the earth wished it so in times past. Though these potent arts were central to the existence of Paradise, their ways were slow and indirect by mortal standards. When the war began, the Annunaki sought a way to make their powers more immediately useful to their demon and mortal allies, which led to the synthesis of demonically enhanced weapons and tools. These methods, encompassed in the Lore of the Forge, are now considered to be the hallmarks of the Malefactors. 

The primary weakness of this House is a problem with understanding human beings. Humans are unpredictable, messy creatures, and the demons find it very difficult to come to grips with them, even after pillaging the memories and personalities of their hosts. The demons are even slightly frightened by humanity. The Malefactors were confused and badly hurt by humanity’s rejection, and fear of further rejection can subconsciously subvert and influence a demon’s plans and actions.

Eva Nordin

Living out a life as a Miner was hard work and it was worth it for your family.  You spent your days in the Mines and your nights with the kids.  Until one day the Mines collapsed and you called out for help.


AbaddonFiends (Neberu) (TryitCon: Open) – Before the Age of Wrath you use to look deep into all of creation to better understand the Grand Design.  During the Age of Wrath you advised on how to use this understanding to destroy the legions of Angels that descended from Heaven.  You knew that the only hope the creation had to fight the coming darkness was to join with the Humans not watch them fail.

You still believe that to this day and you know Lucifer sees the grand plan and if you can find him you too might finally understand why you had to endure a near eternity of torrorter.

Humanity views the universe as an impossibly vast panorama of galaxies, stars and planets, each object adrift on a sea of emptiness, spreading like ripples in a pond. The Angels of the Heavens know differently — all elements of Creation, no matter how vast or insignificant, are dependent on one another in a delicate balance of power, motion and direction. It’s a grand mechanism that only God could conceive, and one that the angels were ordered to monitor and maintain in perpetuity. Central to this task was the Lore of Patterns, allowing the angels of the Fourth House to study the motions of the Grand Design and predict possible problems before they occurred. Even then, the design was so large that even the Elohim could view only a small portion at any one time, leading to the creation of the Lore of Portals — secrets that allowed the angels to travel the length and breadth of reality in the blink of an eye. Finally, like the Annunaki, whose duties would normally have kept them far from mortal eyes, the Neberu struggled to use their powers directly in the struggle against the Host of Heaven. The Lore of Light emerged during the war as the Fiends learned to use their knowledge of light — and perception — to weave potent illusions. 

Curiosity is perhaps the Fiends’ Achilles’ heel. It was curiosity of the unknown that led to their downfall, and it’s a need to investigate mysteries when confronted by conundrums that afflicts them now. This curiosity usually stems from an unforeseen chain of events that arises over the course of their actions. A subject may do or say something significant beyond the Fiend’s carefully scripted chain of events. Most Fiends will want to know why this happened, focusing their analytical abilities to find the source of the anomaly, and in so doing losing sight of the task at hand.

Lord Thomas

Born a lord in England you had the easy life and you thought life was perfect.  Until you got in trouble with a local gang in London.  You thought your power and wealth would protect you but you learned the hard way that some people don’t care about such things.  With the local police in their pocket they were able to nab you, kill you and make sure no one ever found you.  At least that was the plan.  Abaddon made short work of the gang after having escaped the Abyss and took control over the local police himself.


Belphegor Defilers (Lammasu) (TryitCon: Taken) – With the promise that humans needed a little more direct inspiration to overcome the darkness ahead you knew your mission was true.  When so many humans sided with you in the Age of Wraith you knew your cause to be right.  After the war was lost and you spent what felt like forever in a realm of tourture, you are not sure if it wasn’t the cause of all this.  

The mercurial angels of the deep were meant from the beginning to lead a lonely existence, close enough to inspire human hearts, yet eternally out of reach. The Lore of Longing, with its power to enflame human hearts, was the core of the House’s collected wisdom, but mastery of wind and wave also led to the evolution of the Lore of Storms, allowing the angels of the deep to reach far over dry land as well. Ironically, once the Lammasu had forsaken their oath to Heaven and were able to show themselves openly to mankind, the rebels found themselves ill-equipped to relate directly with humanity. They were far more comfortable showing men and women the faces that they wanted to see rather than risk being viewed for what they truly were. Therefore, these mutable spirits refined the art of transforming their appearance at will to suit the expectations of those around them, and the Lore of Transfiguration emerged. 

Defilers can be frustrating, contrary creatures who can strike off on tangents and drag a whole party along into a spiraling morass of trivialities. They can overplay a deception well beyond the end of its usefulness, and can turn petulant and stormy with little provocation. To avoid this, they often just need a little room. The more ordered and claustrophobic a situation gets, the more likely they are to snap at their partners, do something unadvised or just wander off in a different direction. But such behavior is hard to predict, and it may even manifest itself days after the catalyst for it, if at all

Doug Marus

The Mortal you possess was a street kid who knew no real home all his life.  Stealing to just to get food is how it all started after you escaped the orphanage.  You got in with a local gang and started slinging drugs which made life a lot easier for a long time, that is until you got shot down on one of your regular deliveries.


SamaelDevourers (Rabisu) (TryitCon: Open) – Fear for the Humans was a good reason to go to war but the threat of all plants and animals falling to the Darkness ensured your side by Lucifer during the Age of Wrath.  You knew it would take a miracle to win the war but your fight was so right there was no way God could truly abandon you.  It must have been a test. After an eternity of Torture your not so sure but you find the fact that the One no longer seems to reside in Heaven and no Angel can be found that even if you where wrong so where they…

The lords of wood and claw were made to rule the wild things of the world, shaping flora and fauna according to the Creator’s plan and shaping each one’s role in a complex and dynamic ecology. The Lore of the Beast defined their mastery of animal, fish and fowl, allowing them to summon, command and shape the bodies of their subjects, while the Lore of the Wild comprised the collected secrets of forest and field. The Lore of the Flesh came later, during the war, as the Rabisu turned their arts to shaping human flesh for the fury of the battlefield. 

Devourers have never been known for their tact, and most never know when to keep their big mouths shut. In situations where diplomacy is essential, Devourers can be brutally honest and quick to anger, prone to starting fights at the slightest provocation. It’s fairly common for a Devourer to make a delicate situation worse simply by showing up. Because of their lack of social skills, many Devourers can be easily manipulated. Some demons trick them into serving as bodyguards or assassins by playing off their sense of honor and obligation. Such manipulations are not without risk, however, for if the Devourer ever sees through the charade, he won’t hesitate to seek immediate and bloody revenge.

Allen Tucker

Allen spent most of his life out in the wild, living off the land while being off the grid.  He kept a solid balance in life not needing the company of people.  From time to time he would go to the nearby town to pick up supplies or buy a gun.  That was until one night on his way home something jumped out in front of his truck and he crashed.  The thing pulled him out of the truck and pulled out his small intenstant.  In his final moments he called for help and Samael answered.


Baphomet Slayers (Halaku) (TryitCon: Taken) – Lucifer convinced you long ago that the coming darkness would end all life and you felt the coming death.  In the end you knew something must be done to balance out what was to come and you stand by that choice to this day.  Does Lucifer?

Although they are known today as the Angels of the Second World, the Slayers were originally mere agents of change, eliminating plants and animals that had outlived their purpose to make way for new, better generations. The Lore of Death granted them the power to end life quickly and painlessly, then render the bodies of the dead back into their constituent particles for the earth to absorb and begin anew. Of all the Houses, the Halaku were forced to evolve the most in the wake of the Fall. With the loss of mankind’s immortality, the Slayers were thrust into a difficult and painful situation of ending human life, often well before its time, then surrendering the spirit to an unknown fate. The Lore of the Spirit grew from the Slayers’ desire to prevent the loss of these souls, anchoring them to places on the earth in their former bodies, but this was not enough to protect the ghosts from the depredations of loyalist Reapers. Finally, the Halaku decided on a more desperate course: the construction of a haven outside the physical universe where God’s Reapers could not find the souls of the dead. The first step in this plan was to learn the ways of stabilizing and traveling to pockets of reality that existed outside the physical cosmos, leading to the evolution of the Lore of the Realms and culminating in the creation of the spirit realm. 

Before the war, Reapers were often shunned by other angels, lending them an air of detachment that often covers an intense scrutiny of the living world. Even the memories of their hosts seem more alien to them than for other demons. They may be adept at unraveling convoluted deceptions, but simpler things, particularly human motivation, can trip them up. And although they keep open and attentive minds, once they have come to a decision, they find it very difficult to admit they may have been wrong. As their Torment increases, their perceptions of the world become clearer even as, paradoxically, they feel further and further removed from it. Most of the damage caused by a high-Torment Slayer is an obsessive desire to make any mark they can upon a reality that is slipping away.

Queen Dominis

Living in the South you made an easy life living off the dead, but in a good way.  You provided them their final resting place.  You lived a good life until a group of robbers broke into the Furnal Home and you had the gull to try and stop them.