Crossing Darkness Tryitcon Retrospective

This episode we talk about the games that will we GMed and played in at Tryitcon this year.  


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Games Played:

Changeling: the Lost 2e – Midnight Mall (beautiful) Madness 

Mage: The Ascension 2nd Ed. – Adventure to the Hollow Earth 

Hunter: the Reckoning – Murder By Any Other Name

Trinity Continuum: Æon – Slow Day At Work 

Games GMed:

Demon: the Fallen – Madison Under Siege 

Mage: the Ascension, 20th Anniversary – Madison Under Siege 

Werewolf the Apocalype (20th An) – Madison Under Siege 

Interview with an Eve Online Player – CCP Swift

Today we have for you another in a series of interviews about the players of Eve Online. CCP Swift joins us today to talk about how he is got involved in Eve Online and his epic rise to become a member of the CCP team! Crossing Darkness Episodes are streamed live on Twitch and is open to taking questions from viewers during the show.  

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Games at Tryitcon

This episode we talk about the different games that will be at Tryitcon this year.  We also go over the Madison Under Siege games we will be running for Demon the Fallen and Mage the Ascension.

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What is Tryitcon

This episode we talk with Terry Robinson to talk about Tryitcon a new online convention that focus on trying out games that you haven’t played before but have always wanted to try.  Terry hosts the Mage the Podcast and is entering the arena of running an online convention.  Guldan Age stories plans to also run some games based on our Madison Under Siege setting.

Tryitcon will be May 15th and 16th

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Mage: The Ascension Characters

Ann Johnston (TryitCon: Open) (Akashic Brotherhood,  Age 32, Arete 5, Buddhist Monk, good Werewolf connection, Born: 1984, Awakened: 1989, Cabal:Cabal of Song and Dance): Orphan at birth, Ann was brought up in the Akashic monastery and living on both Earth and the Horizon Realm of Madison.  Awakened at the age of 5, she has studied under the Master of the Akashic Brotherhood, since her awakening.  In 2003 her master Geshe Sopa was challenged to a duel for leadership of the Akashic Brotherhood.  He was killed in the duel.  Ann has since found the link between the master that killed her mentor and the Nephandi.  Ann used this information to oust the Nephandi leader and has since been working with the Gahara Pact to protect Madison.


Lea Nosson Goodwin (TryitCon: Taken) (Celestial Chorus  Age 81, Arete 6, Nun, good Hunter Connection, Born: 1925. Awakened: 1943 Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy): Lea was born in Spain just before its civil war. Life has been rough since birth is an understatement.  She grew up in an Orphanage ran by the church and the Celestial Chorus.  In her youth she worked hard to gain the respect of her peers and mentors and by the age of 18 had dedicated herself to the church by becoming a Nun.  She works with the children of the Orphanage and has dedicated her life to uplifting children to become upstanding members of the community.  After the death of her master Fr. Michael Haider in 2004 she has been working with the Dream Speaker Glory of the Morning and his Cabal called Dream of Ecstasy to uncover a Nephandi plot. In 2017 she was able to uncover a plot to resurrect Set and with the help of the Rebellion she eradicated the Nephandi leadership.  She has since been named representative to the Gahara Pact. Recently she has claimed Archmage status and is the newly named leader of the Madison Mages.


Aadhira Hebbar (TryitCon: Taken) (Euthanatos Age 101, Arete 6, Assassin, Born: 1915, Awakened 1935, Chantry Cabal of Entropy: Cabal of the Wheel): Aadhira has worked as an assassin for the Euthanatos for as long as he can remember.  Although stationed in Madison Aadhira has traveled the world giving the good death to those that need it.  In 2001 his Mentor Aadarsh Hebbar was killed in a failed assassination of a Vampire and Aadhira has spent the last 14 years working to give the good death to the vampire that killed his mentor.  The society of mages in Madison have never trusted Jayesh or his master thinking they are Nephandi tainted.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Earlier this year Aadhira uncovered the truth that the Nephandi had infiltrated the Euthanatos and taken over the leadership.  Not only that but the Council of Mages in Madison were almost all tainted.  He confronted his leader and in a fierce battle with the help of Werewolves, other Mages, Vampires and Hunters he was able to be destroyed.  Aadhira has since taken over leadership of Madison Euthanatos and continues to bring the good death to those that need it.


Glory of the Morning (TryitCon: Open) (Dream Speakers, Age 84, Arete 5, Native American Shaman, good Werewolf Connection, Born: 1931, Awakened: 1950, Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy ):  Glory of the Morning is a Kinfolk, changeling blooded, Dream Speaker who is the son of the Master of the Dream Speakers of Madison.  He has worked with the different supernatural communities since the 1950s.  Awakened at the age of 10 he spent much time with his Werewolf cushions, and later falling in Love with one and making waves as the love between the two was not accepted due to their supernatural differences and the views of homosexuality at the time.

After the death of his Master Waukon Decorah, Glory in 2005 created the Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy.  He went on to expel his master’s murderer and has taken over the leadership of Madison’s Dream Speakers.  He has been working closely with the Werewolves since the creation of the Gahara Pact.


Peggy Fitzgerald (TryitCon: Open) (Cult of Ecstasy  Age 65, Arete 5, Mother Fool’s shop owner, Born: 1950, Awakened: 1969, Cabal of X):  Peggy has work at Mother Fool’s for the past 30 years.  She awakened in England and spent much of her time roaming the world exploring all the beauty of nature.  After 15 years of adventuring she settled in Madison and became the apprentice of the Master Magi of Madison’s cult.  Her master Jennie Justo died during the Avatar Storm after getting trapped in the Horizon realm of Madison in 1999.  For a short time she lead the cult of Madison until a wave of new mages came to Madison and democracy took the place of the trials.  Although she never wanted to be leader, she was nevertheless a great leader and after the events of Set Death she has taken back control over the local Cult of X and has since been working closely with the Gahara Pact to protect Madison.


Leon Keone Bone (TryitCon: Taken) (Order of Hermes Age 45, Arete 5, Book store owner, Born 1970, Awakened: 1988, House Ex Misc): Leon was the apprentice of Susanne Adelina Mayer.  He had worked under her for the past 30 years.  Since the Avatar storm has ended he has spent a fair amount of time in Horizon and the Umbra exploring the damage that has been done.  He use to fully trust Susanne but that changed when Set came back.  She had betrayed the Order and the world by siding with the Nephandi.  He has since become a contender for leader of the Order in Madison but the houses are divided and since the death of Jay Dee and the Nephandi Leader of Madison no one has been able to truly claim leader of all the Order in Madison. 


Evan Adams: (TryitCon: Taken) (Society of Ether Age 54, Arete 5, Professor of Engineering at the UW, Born 1961, Awakened 1971):  Evan grew up in New York with a refugee family that could barely keep the roof over their head.  During the World War I his family escaped France just before the Germans invaded.  Evan ran away from home and went to Hollywood to become famous at the age of 10.  Lets just say that didn’t go well.  At the age of 16 he was saved from an underground slave auction by a Society of Ether member and brought to Madison.  In Madison he went to the UW and received a PHD in Engineering.

Evan goes on to become the right hand man of Oliver Patterson Watts until he dies in 1991.  Evan was appointed temporary Leadership of the Sons of Ether in Madison.  Until In 2017 she worked with everyone to create a group of AI Syntics that were used to protect the Horizon Realm during the Assault by the Nephandi during the resurrection of Set.  She has since taken over leadership of the Society of Ether and has been instrumental in the creation of the Gahara Pact Charter.


Susheela Pantaleone Fabian (TryitCon: Open) (Verbena Age 36, Arete 5, Shakties shop owner. Born: 1979, Awakened 1979):  Susheela grew up in Madison and was the daughter of the three witches that controlled Picnic Point.  She is a strong and powerful woman that helped organize many women’s rights movements in the past 30 years.  She has connections with the vampires of the city.

In 2002 her mothers are killed by the Nephandi that escaped in 1995.  Susheela blames the Technocracy and rightly so.  She learned later that they had actually been kidnapped and locked away in Mecha.  With the help of the Gahara Pact she was able to free them.  They stayed in Madison for a time but knew they needed to check on their sisters across the world and left recently to seek them out.


Abel Washington (TryitCon: Open) (Handle: Unknown) (Virtual Adepts,  Age 88, Arete 5, Video gamer, Leader of a large online group, owns a Nightclub, Werewolf Connection,  Born 1927, Awakened 1950): Creator of Madison Wifi and personal Digital Web project that started in 2003.  Used to connect virtually with the Horizon realms and Umbra’s the Digital Web Madison became a famous sector throughout all of Mage society. Protected by a large group of Mages throughout the world this sector was thought to be impenetrable.  However in the past 5 years many sections have fallen to data corruption.  

In 2017 the Digital Web came under assault by the Nephandi and a Nephandus Dante attacked requiring him to lock him up with a host of Wraith that had been using the Digital Web as a safe haven from the Maelstrom.  This also required to use the Digital Web of Madison as a prison.  He has since been working with everyone to find a way to save Dante and the Digital Web.


Lacy Z. Rivere (TryitCon: Open) (Hollow Ones,  Age 67, Arete 5, Strong independent and sexual in nature. Clubbing chick, bartender, good Vampire connection, Lulu Turner’s BFF, Born 1948, Awakened 1963):  Lacy is the leader of the Hollow Ones and speaks for the Disparate Alliance of Madison, however most believe these Disparates to be Orphans or Hollow Ones.  When she came to Madison in the 90s the Hollow Ones and the Disparate Alliance had no leader and the Chantry was nothing more than a shelter that lead to the Horizon realm.  Its cities never repopulated after the Avatar storm and are now literal ghost towns.  Lacy helped the Alliance focus on Earth and what was happening to the humans.  Although she is was part of the council her voting rights have been revoked since the new Council was formed in 2006.  However in 2017 she broke a deal with Leah and in giving support to her for Representative of Mages in the Gahara Pact she would become a full member of the Mages Council with full voting rights and Hollow Ones would be seen as the 10th Tradition. She continues fights for those who have lost their voice.


Gwydion Kelly (TryitCon: Open) (Order of Hermes: Age: 131, Arete 6, Investigator and Adventure) Gwydion was born in Madison on May 24th in the year of our lord 1884 to his parents Thomas and Emma Kelly during a new moon.  Thomas Kelly studied under Jay Dee along with his wife Emma.  Immigrating to Madison with Dee they built a chantry under the guise of a pharmacy over a small node.

Gwydion became an apprentice under Jay Dee and has adventures throughout the world following many of the wars.  Since the Death of Jay Dee he has been greatly involved in the matters of Madison but continues to spent much time in the Umbra and the world looking into the power of the Nameless.


(Deceased) Jay Dee, Order of Hermes: Once the leader and Founder of Madison. Jay Dee leadership was brought into question during the Avatar storm.  His connections with the Technocracy in Madison and the rise of fighting between the two groups did not look good when Jay Dee requested that Madison not retaliate on the recent attacks by the Technocracy and to do more investigation into what was going on.  Alexander used his status as an Arch Mage to overrule Jay Dee and with the backing of the Order of Hermes Jay Dee was asked to step down.  Jay Dee is still considered on the Council and is second in command and still considered the Leader of Madison’s Order of Hermes.