Gencon 2021 Retrospective

Frozen and Moto talk about how Gen Con 2021 was and go over The Gamer’s live show and the two Mega Games they played in (Den of Wolves and Vampire the Masquerade: Blood Feuds) and how the experience was different this year with Covid restrictions. Check out our website: Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at

Lords of the Trident Storytime

Ty Christian joins us from the Lords of the Trident to tell us the story of how the band came into being and what inspires the work they have created. With Mad with Power Fest just around the corner we talk about that and other upcoming events and albums the band is working on. We finished up the episode with a story about how Ty sang his way through surgery.

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The Story of Mage the Podcast and Tryitcon

Terry Robison is a well known for his writing, hosting Mage the Podcast and being the creator of Tryitcon. We talk about how Mage the Podcast and Tryitcon came into existence and also talk about other projects that Terry is currently working on.

Mage the Podcast:

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Eve Online Storytime with Joebane

Joebane is a well known Low Security Pirate in the spaceship MMORPG Eve Online. He streams his endeavors over Twitch and has built up one hell of a killboard. Joebane sits down to tell us the story of his rise to pirate infamy.

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The Guardian of Notoras – Eve Online

Today the Age of Stories brings you the story of Gwenevick Kenyon the Guardian of Notoras – The Age of Stories. Samson who plays the MMORPG Eve Online with his character Gwenevick Kenyon has become know to the local pod pilots as the Guardian of Notoras. Samson tells the story of how he started down the path as Pirate and how he became known for being a bot killing machine and solo gate camping PvP artist.

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What is The Age of Stories Podcast

This is a podcast about the stories from the people of the 21st Century!

Today we go over what The Age of Stories Podcast is and talk about Loki, Falcon and Winter Solider, Technogate 1999, Rimworld, Eve Online, D&D, Frisbee Golf, Stellaris and more.

The focus on this podcast will be to interview people and have them tell us a story, be it about the games they are playing and the stories they make during these games, books or campaigns they are creating, or their personal stories.

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