Hunter: The Reckoning Characters

Jennifer Greig – Academy Chief of Operations/Medical Consultant – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Redemption.

Jennifer is well educated, and independently wealthy from her time as an ICU surgeon.  Her dedication to the Hunter Academy and her belief in what Redmond was trying to achieve is strong.  As a senior member of the Academy Jennifer takes new students under her wing and tries to show them a better way to handle their imbuing.  When not occupied by the administration of the Academy, Jennifer can be found helping with the instruction of newly imbued or helping out in the Academy hospital.

Lily Raditch – Teacher/Supernatural Ambassador – Creed: Vision – Virtue: Visionary

Lily is an experienced educator.  She is responsible for the Academy’s curriculum and smooth operation of its administration. Her own education, coupled with her accepting nature makes her an excellent ambassador to the other supernatural groups.  When in the field, she tries to witness and document supernaturals habits and culture.  She seeks to attend supernatural events and represent Academy Hunters.  Her specialties are Germanic languages and Vampiric Studies.

Samantha Aranza – Diplomat, Vampire Studies Professor – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Innocence

Samantha is an enthusiastic student of the world she has found herself in.  One of her favorite cartoon heroines was April O’neil, and Samantha feels that she is living something close enough to her hero’s life.  For Samantha’s active imagination, vampires, werewolves, wizards, and every other thing under the sun or moon, are no big leap for her, and she has a great thirst to know more about them all.  It is no surprise to anyone within the Academy that Samantha has gravitated towards Prof. Lily Raditch, and joins her in the field to witness and document supernatural events that Academy Hunters were invited to.

Arlen Castor – Facilities Manager, Safety Director – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Martyrdom

Arlen is a practical man.  He believes in practical things.  But his world was shaken when he was the only survivor of an explosion.  When it was made plain to him that another world existed, a dark sinister world, he did not take it well.  He retreated into himself mentally, and physically within his home.  It took a year for Arlen to gain a bearing on this new reality and his place in it.  When the Messages told him to go to Madison, he went right away.  It did not take long for him to find the Academy, and for them to take him in, and show him their way to Hunt.  Arlen now does all he can to help keep spectres from worsening the lives of good, hard working people.

Natalia Romanenko – Diplomat, Garou Studies Professor – Creed: Zeal – Virtue: Judgement

Natalia’s skills as a hunter have become a bit of a legend to the Madison area.  The students of the Academy aspire to reach her level of ability.  The other faculty respect her humility and straightforwardness.  Natalia struggled at first with the Academy’s teachings, but learned to show restraint and hone her abilities in a direction toward investigation.  She best uses her skills to help rid Madison of “supernatural problems” that are reported around the city.

Richard Hackney –  Firearms Instructor, Amnesiac – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Redemption

Richard’s memories begin just about 7 years ago.  He remembers waking up on a bench one morning in James Madison Park, in the downtown Madison area.  His only guidance was from the Messages.  Through them he was able to make contact with the Hunter Academy, and has been working with them to combat supernaturals around the world.  Before that, his time had been confusing and violent.  Richard’s state was tragic, but as he works with the academy, he is beginning to feel like he belongs.

Jessica Stralia – Dancer/MMA Fighter, Close Combat Instructor, Creed: Zeal – Virtue: Vengeance

Jessica’s desire to fit in and feel accepted is reflected in her own welcoming persona.  Since her imbuing, she has always had a positive view of supernaturals, and is able to find something nice to say about each that she meets. She sees their existence as amazing, beautiful and rare.  As a new student at the Academy, her abilities have not yet been tested.  As a result, some of the other more seasoned members dote on her. Her abilities as a fighter are undeniable, however. 

Gary Holmes – Metalsmith/Melee Weapons Instructor Creed: Zeal Virtue: Defense

Gary is a large, be-muscled man with a solid understanding of his place in the world.  He see’s himself as a legendary adventurer and some sort of father figure to the rest of the academy, even more so now that Prof. Redmond Thatcher, the Academy’s founder, has died.  When not hunting nefarious and dangerous supernaturals, Gary, as a professional metal worker, and swordsmith, practices his craft, and creates useful items for himself to combat the darkness.  His prize creation is “Florence,” his watered-steel longsword.

Roger Allen – Chief Technology Officer, Lead Data Miner Creed: Vision Virtue: Hermit

Roger’s abilities with anything computer or electronic are top notch.  He maintains the network at the Academy and is in charge everything computer related.  His intelligence has been an enormous asset to the Academy for a decade.  What seems to give him an edge over that are the messages he receives.  On more than one occasion, Roger’s life had been saved by a last moment message telling him to go another way.  Meanwhile, few hunters report getting messages of any kind, beyond the ones that brought them to the Academy years ago.

Dominique Faison – Human Resources, Morale Officer, Creed: Mercy Virtue: Innocent

Dominique is a broken woman trying to fix herself in the only way she knows how, by fixing others.  It wasn’t long ago that she was living an upper class lifestyle, and now, after losing her wealth and status, she seeks to rebuild.  She acts as a mother figure over the other hunters in the academy, though she doesn’t seem much older herself.  When not hunting Dominique loves to socialize and listen to everyone’s stories.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Characters

Glass-Eye – Elizabeth Greenburg

– Homid – Ragabash – Black Fury

         Lost her left eye during her first change. Rather than becoming a Child of Gaia like her kinfolk family, she chose the Black Furies due to her general dislike of men. She is part owner of Green-Tech Manufacturing, now a multinational corporation run by Child of Gaia kinfolk. The company concentrates on making
products that don’t contain wyrm taint.

Bites the Flame – Angus ‘Fuzzy’ Fusey

– Lupus – Theurge – Bone Gnawer

         Grew up as a stray dog on the streets of Madison. Runs the Sept of Calm Earth at Peace Park on State Street.  Protector of the homeless of Madison. He especially loves to kill anarch vampires who don’t know the rules.

Protects the Children – Theodore ‘Tad’

– Homid – Ragabash – Children of Gaia

Born and raised in the Madison Pack, he is a homosexual whose first change occurred when the children of the pack were under attack. Married to the local Dreamspeaker Mage, Glory of the Morning.

Smells the Clues – Claus Thorsten

– Homid – Philodox – Get of Fenris

         Private investigator.  Although he takes many mundane cases to pay the bills, he advertises as specializing in “Investigations of the Paranormal.” He is a functioning alcoholic who’s only release is in hunting down evil people. He also finds some solace in the moots held in the Arboretum, where he always
takes part in the ritual hunt.

Oil Paw – Allen Wood

– Homid – Ahroun – Glass Walker

         Although he started off well-connected among a network of kinfolk and Garou, Allen quickly took what life gave him and has made the most of it. After acquiring through whatever means any company he feels would enhance his portfolio, he quickly earned a reputation for his willingness to get his hands dirty. In addition to running the Sept of of the Morning Lake in Milwaukee, he is recently getting things at his newest acquisition, the Sept of Running Stone located in the Churchill Building on the Capitol Square, running smoothly.

Mother Mary

– Lupus – Ahroun – Red Talon

         Leader of the King Killer Pack in north central Wisconsin. She also runs the Sept of Bloody Fangs. While her pack still hates humans for all their evil, they at least understands that killing all of them isn’t a good idea.

Silent Gavel – Mariko Grey

– Homid – Arun – Shadow Lord

         At only the age of 27, she is already a local alderman on the Madison City Council.  She aims to be in the state house by the time she is 30. Not well liked by other werewolves in the area, she speaks as though she will be the leader of the pack in short order.

Distant Rumble – Hariq Najam

– Metis – Philodox – Silent Strider

         He ranges across most of North America, along I-90. He comes through Madison at at least once per year, usually in the summer to attend a moot in the Arboretum. He shares tales of his adventures around the globe and brings news of the many Garou with whom he deals.

Morning Song – Talia Wilford

– Homid – Galliard – Silver Fang

         Lives in a Mansion on the north east side. A Philanthropist, she donates much of her family’s money to keep the wildlife of Wisconsin safe. She loves to throw large parties with the elite of Wisconsin.

Bamboo Leg – Lin Zhihao

– Homid – Ragabash – Stargazer

         Sent to Madison by his monastic order in 1979, Bamboo Leg makes his home in the Buddhist temple south of town.  He is old, but still extremely effective in battle. His main function at the temple is the training of Kalindo masters. Due to his history as a warrior and teacher, Leg has allies and contacts
throughout the Garou nation.

Between Roads – Lessie Bedford

– Lupus – Philodox – Uktena

At 5 years old, Between Roads was already head of her pack. By 7, she was sought after for her wisdom in arbitrating matters of her sept. Having raised two litters already, she is facing the prospect of being a grandmother and wants to create a larger place for wolves in Wisconsin.

Whispers to Winds – Ayasha Redford

– Lupus – Galliard – Wendigo         Since before your Ayasha’s first change, she was always running ahead of the rest of her pack to find news and spread tales of her pack and family. She has ranged far and knows most of the Garou and their Septs around Wisconsin. Usually forbidden, the leader of the Sept of the Three Winds has dispatched her to
negotiate on their behalf.

Vampire: The Masqurade Characters

Character Descriptions for Vampire

Vampires of the first wave

(Deceased) Rebecca Troy: First Kindred of Madison and leader of the Tremere of Madison.

Tori Redford -Gangrel- Childe of Otto. Baroness of madison. wendigo kinfolk.  Has a Garu child and grandchildren from before the embrace.  Has garou gifts.  Desperately wants the vampire’s and werewolves to get along.  Has a room at the council haven Basilica of the Cenobite..

Devin Tridel-Myor -Toreador- Chairman. Camarilla sympathizer.  The younger of the two toreador sisters.  Has a love/hate relationship with her sister Charity Myor.   Has major influence in madison hi-society, The Castle, and Section 13

Charity Myor -Toreador- Chairman.  Anarch sympathizer. The older of the two Toreador sisters tho she was embraced first and as a child.. Has a love/hate relationship with her sister Devin Tridel.  Has major influence in campus culture, The Idealist, and The commoners.  Was given adult body buy Peter Seel.  Lives at the Basilica of the Cenobite. 

Kyle Schuller -Malkavian- Chairman Anarch supporter Grand childe of Brandy madison.  Was forced to diablerize his sire right after his embrace.  Has high humanity and merits that makes him appear very human.  Has visions. Is on a quest for gulcanda.  Lives at the Basilica of the cenobite.  Walks the streets and parks of madison nightly.  Gets wayward supernaturals out of trouble.  Very heavily supported by most of the NPC population. Is chairman of two districts and is considered a prophet by some and a madman by others.

Victor King -Ventrue- Chairman. Camarilla supporter.  One of the three arbiters.  Wants stability in madison and the vampire law revamped and/or solidified in a conservative manner, tho his general outlook of vampire society is rather liberal.  Owns a large pharmaceutical research firm.  Has fought werewolves his whole life.  

Benjamin “Ben” Rothe -Tremere- Chairman One of the three arbiters. Was embraced as a child and was the first embrace in the city. Has been a trusted go between the many factions of madison, heavily in vampire/mage affairs. A strong advocate for the protection of the innocent and especially children. He has recently gained allot of influence in the city and is a representative for the Vampires in the Gahara Pact and now an arbiter.

Vampires of the second wave

Lulu Turner -Lasombra- Chairman. Anarch supporter. Runs the communal haven ”Basilica of the Cenobite”. Part of a Hollow One clique.  All her knowledge of mages is through her friend Lacy Z. Rivere.  Desires mystic discipline’s and is a little obsessed with the occult.  Commonly goes out to enjoy madison counterculture nightlife.  Has a vast trust fund from her father who is a Member of a powerful corporation.  

Brando Giovanni – Chairman Giovanni- Camarilla supporter. Runs the airport.  Owns a large construction company. Built the ”Basilica of the Cenobite”.   Has a proxi kissed apprentice necromancer.  Has encountered Euthanatos presence in the deadlands, they Killed one of your prize wraiths.

Michael Kruger -Tremere- Chairman. Camarilla supporter. Childe of Beccha Troy.  Wants the return of the camarilla and control of all the chantrys.  Wants access to Beccha Troy’s library.   Works for the Tremere and is bonded to members of the clan that serve as his superiors.  

David None -Nosferatu- Chairman.  Publicly Ex-Sabot circa 1980. Holds the secrets of sabot rituals and rights (Validry).  Has a room at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Is very Tech savvy for his age and the time period he hails from.  Well known moderator on Shreck net. Has a social media presence.  Keeps secrets well and knows many secrets about the other vampires and supernaturals in Madison. Was Mentored by Jan None.

Borislava Konev -Brujah- Chairman. Anarch supporter. Ex-Sabot circa 1980.  One of the three arbiters.  Has control of several small businesses, and both minor and major gangs.  Wants to be baron.  Would use Baron to move Madison even more Liberal and Anarch in its laws and dealings.  Is at her core rather conservative in view point.  Has a room at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Is a little bit of a madison “Legendary townie”.  Has a deep respect for Victor king tho they agree on little.

Vampires of the third wave

Peter Steel -Malkavian- Camarilla sympathizer Chairman Famous Doctor and cosmetic surgeon. UW hospital alumni. Is currently planning his “mortal death”.  Has Blood bonded and dominated his wife, mistress and son. Performed a massive surgery using Visitude on Charity Myor.  Transforming her from a 9 year old to a 21 year old.  He accidentally blood bonded her during surgery.  Charity Myor owes him still.  Did cosmetic work for Circe Yar’Adua, Fiorella Giovanni, and a few other vampires.  Is leary of James Prydwen and his snooping.  Has a group of supernaturals under lock and key that he uses for study.

Gail Blitzschlag -Tremere- Anarch sympathizer.   Lives at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Has no connection to the clan proper.  Was a sorcerer in life, and learned some Thaumaturgy paths by herself right after her embrace. The rest she acquired through Beccha Troy. Famous web celebrity, and retired pro gamer.

Circe Yar’Adua -Caitiff- Anarch supporter.  Hated by the Traditions because of betrayal.  Disliked by werewolves for intangible reasons.  Not trusted by other vampires.  Very little is known of her publicly.  Got plastic surgery from Peter Steel to make herself look younger.

James Prydwen -Caitiff- Recently became a Chairman. Ex-thin blood. Family man.  High humanity. Sells information to the supernaturals of Madison.  Has a “mundane” family, wife three children a dampyr daughter and two sons.  His whole family knows he’s a vampire and his wife who was ghouled recently wants the embrace, he only recently gaining the ability to ghoul is unsure of whether he can embrace him self. 

Mage: The Ascension Characters

Ann Johnston (TryitCon: Open) (Akashic Brotherhood,  Age 32, Arete 5, Buddhist Monk, good Werewolf connection, Born: 1984, Awakened: 1989, Cabal:Cabal of Song and Dance): Orphan at birth, Ann was brought up in the Akashic monastery and living on both Earth and the Horizon Realm of Madison.  Awakened at the age of 5, she has studied under the Master of the Akashic Brotherhood, since her awakening.  In 2003 her master Geshe Sopa was challenged to a duel for leadership of the Akashic Brotherhood.  He was killed in the duel.  Ann has since found the link between the master that killed her mentor and the Nephandi.  Ann used this information to oust the Nephandi leader and has since been working with the Gahara Pact to protect Madison.


Lea Nosson Goodwin (TryitCon: Taken) (Celestial Chorus  Age 81, Arete 6, Nun, good Hunter Connection, Born: 1925. Awakened: 1943 Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy): Lea was born in Spain just before its civil war. Life has been rough since birth is an understatement.  She grew up in an Orphanage ran by the church and the Celestial Chorus.  In her youth she worked hard to gain the respect of her peers and mentors and by the age of 18 had dedicated herself to the church by becoming a Nun.  She works with the children of the Orphanage and has dedicated her life to uplifting children to become upstanding members of the community.  After the death of her master Fr. Michael Haider in 2004 she has been working with the Dream Speaker Glory of the Morning and his Cabal called Dream of Ecstasy to uncover a Nephandi plot. In 2017 she was able to uncover a plot to resurrect Set and with the help of the Rebellion she eradicated the Nephandi leadership.  She has since been named representative to the Gahara Pact. Recently she has claimed Archmage status and is the newly named leader of the Madison Mages.


Aadhira Hebbar (TryitCon: Taken) (Euthanatos Age 101, Arete 6, Assassin, Born: 1915, Awakened 1935, Chantry Cabal of Entropy: Cabal of the Wheel): Aadhira has worked as an assassin for the Euthanatos for as long as he can remember.  Although stationed in Madison Aadhira has traveled the world giving the good death to those that need it.  In 2001 his Mentor Aadarsh Hebbar was killed in a failed assassination of a Vampire and Aadhira has spent the last 14 years working to give the good death to the vampire that killed his mentor.  The society of mages in Madison have never trusted Jayesh or his master thinking they are Nephandi tainted.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Earlier this year Aadhira uncovered the truth that the Nephandi had infiltrated the Euthanatos and taken over the leadership.  Not only that but the Council of Mages in Madison were almost all tainted.  He confronted his leader and in a fierce battle with the help of Werewolves, other Mages, Vampires and Hunters he was able to be destroyed.  Aadhira has since taken over leadership of Madison Euthanatos and continues to bring the good death to those that need it.


Glory of the Morning (TryitCon: Open) (Dream Speakers, Age 84, Arete 5, Native American Shaman, good Werewolf Connection, Born: 1931, Awakened: 1950, Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy ):  Glory of the Morning is a Kinfolk, changeling blooded, Dream Speaker who is the son of the Master of the Dream Speakers of Madison.  He has worked with the different supernatural communities since the 1950s.  Awakened at the age of 10 he spent much time with his Werewolf cushions, and later falling in Love with one and making waves as the love between the two was not accepted due to their supernatural differences and the views of homosexuality at the time.

After the death of his Master Waukon Decorah, Glory in 2005 created the Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy.  He went on to expel his master’s murderer and has taken over the leadership of Madison’s Dream Speakers.  He has been working closely with the Werewolves since the creation of the Gahara Pact.


Peggy Fitzgerald (TryitCon: Open) (Cult of Ecstasy  Age 65, Arete 5, Mother Fool’s shop owner, Born: 1950, Awakened: 1969, Cabal of X):  Peggy has work at Mother Fool’s for the past 30 years.  She awakened in England and spent much of her time roaming the world exploring all the beauty of nature.  After 15 years of adventuring she settled in Madison and became the apprentice of the Master Magi of Madison’s cult.  Her master Jennie Justo died during the Avatar Storm after getting trapped in the Horizon realm of Madison in 1999.  For a short time she lead the cult of Madison until a wave of new mages came to Madison and democracy took the place of the trials.  Although she never wanted to be leader, she was nevertheless a great leader and after the events of Set Death she has taken back control over the local Cult of X and has since been working closely with the Gahara Pact to protect Madison.


Leon Keone Bone (TryitCon: Taken) (Order of Hermes Age 45, Arete 5, Book store owner, Born 1970, Awakened: 1988, House Ex Misc): Leon was the apprentice of Susanne Adelina Mayer.  He had worked under her for the past 30 years.  Since the Avatar storm has ended he has spent a fair amount of time in Horizon and the Umbra exploring the damage that has been done.  He use to fully trust Susanne but that changed when Set came back.  She had betrayed the Order and the world by siding with the Nephandi.  He has since become a contender for leader of the Order in Madison but the houses are divided and since the death of Jay Dee and the Nephandi Leader of Madison no one has been able to truly claim leader of all the Order in Madison. 


Evan Adams: (TryitCon: Taken) (Society of Ether Age 54, Arete 5, Professor of Engineering at the UW, Born 1961, Awakened 1971):  Evan grew up in New York with a refugee family that could barely keep the roof over their head.  During the World War I his family escaped France just before the Germans invaded.  Evan ran away from home and went to Hollywood to become famous at the age of 10.  Lets just say that didn’t go well.  At the age of 16 he was saved from an underground slave auction by a Society of Ether member and brought to Madison.  In Madison he went to the UW and received a PHD in Engineering.

Evan goes on to become the right hand man of Oliver Patterson Watts until he dies in 1991.  Evan was appointed temporary Leadership of the Sons of Ether in Madison.  Until In 2017 she worked with everyone to create a group of AI Syntics that were used to protect the Horizon Realm during the Assault by the Nephandi during the resurrection of Set.  She has since taken over leadership of the Society of Ether and has been instrumental in the creation of the Gahara Pact Charter.


Susheela Pantaleone Fabian (TryitCon: Open) (Verbena Age 36, Arete 5, Shakties shop owner. Born: 1979, Awakened 1979):  Susheela grew up in Madison and was the daughter of the three witches that controlled Picnic Point.  She is a strong and powerful woman that helped organize many women’s rights movements in the past 30 years.  She has connections with the vampires of the city.

In 2002 her mothers are killed by the Nephandi that escaped in 1995.  Susheela blames the Technocracy and rightly so.  She learned later that they had actually been kidnapped and locked away in Mecha.  With the help of the Gahara Pact she was able to free them.  They stayed in Madison for a time but knew they needed to check on their sisters across the world and left recently to seek them out.


Abel Washington (TryitCon: Open) (Handle: Unknown) (Virtual Adepts,  Age 88, Arete 5, Video gamer, Leader of a large online group, owns a Nightclub, Werewolf Connection,  Born 1927, Awakened 1950): Creator of Madison Wifi and personal Digital Web project that started in 2003.  Used to connect virtually with the Horizon realms and Umbra’s the Digital Web Madison became a famous sector throughout all of Mage society. Protected by a large group of Mages throughout the world this sector was thought to be impenetrable.  However in the past 5 years many sections have fallen to data corruption.  

In 2017 the Digital Web came under assault by the Nephandi and a Nephandus Dante attacked requiring him to lock him up with a host of Wraith that had been using the Digital Web as a safe haven from the Maelstrom.  This also required to use the Digital Web of Madison as a prison.  He has since been working with everyone to find a way to save Dante and the Digital Web.


Lacy Z. Rivere (TryitCon: Open) (Hollow Ones,  Age 67, Arete 5, Strong independent and sexual in nature. Clubbing chick, bartender, good Vampire connection, Lulu Turner’s BFF, Born 1948, Awakened 1963):  Lacy is the leader of the Hollow Ones and speaks for the Disparate Alliance of Madison, however most believe these Disparates to be Orphans or Hollow Ones.  When she came to Madison in the 90s the Hollow Ones and the Disparate Alliance had no leader and the Chantry was nothing more than a shelter that lead to the Horizon realm.  Its cities never repopulated after the Avatar storm and are now literal ghost towns.  Lacy helped the Alliance focus on Earth and what was happening to the humans.  Although she is was part of the council her voting rights have been revoked since the new Council was formed in 2006.  However in 2017 she broke a deal with Leah and in giving support to her for Representative of Mages in the Gahara Pact she would become a full member of the Mages Council with full voting rights and Hollow Ones would be seen as the 10th Tradition. She continues fights for those who have lost their voice.


Gwydion Kelly (TryitCon: Open) (Order of Hermes: Age: 131, Arete 6, Investigator and Adventure) Gwydion was born in Madison on May 24th in the year of our lord 1884 to his parents Thomas and Emma Kelly during a new moon.  Thomas Kelly studied under Jay Dee along with his wife Emma.  Immigrating to Madison with Dee they built a chantry under the guise of a pharmacy over a small node.

Gwydion became an apprentice under Jay Dee and has adventures throughout the world following many of the wars.  Since the Death of Jay Dee he has been greatly involved in the matters of Madison but continues to spent much time in the Umbra and the world looking into the power of the Nameless.


(Deceased) Jay Dee, Order of Hermes: Once the leader and Founder of Madison. Jay Dee leadership was brought into question during the Avatar storm.  His connections with the Technocracy in Madison and the rise of fighting between the two groups did not look good when Jay Dee requested that Madison not retaliate on the recent attacks by the Technocracy and to do more investigation into what was going on.  Alexander used his status as an Arch Mage to overrule Jay Dee and with the backing of the Order of Hermes Jay Dee was asked to step down.  Jay Dee is still considered on the Council and is second in command and still considered the Leader of Madison’s Order of Hermes.