Welcome to Madtown 2017

Welcome to Madtown!

The Year: 2017

Known to the world as “77 square miles surrounded by reality,” this city is a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. Last year, the four major powers: Garou, Kindred, Mages, and Hunters created the Gahara Pact, a supernatural pact to fight the darkness that sieges this world. 

The Avatar Storm has come and gone, changing Mage society and much of the Umbral landscape. This allowed for the Nephandi to enact a plan of almost complete control over the Mages of this world. In Madison this gave rise to a rebellion that overthrew this evil leadership. But this has come at a great cost. Jay Dee the Founder of Madison has been destroyed and although the Nephandi leadership has been disposed of, this has allowed old rivalries within the Traditions to rekindle. Will the delicate balance between the Traditions that Jay Dee created in Madison fall into chaos?

The Withering has destroyed the power of Generation for the Kindred. Now they must learn how to survive in this new political landscape, where skill is more important than age or Generation. In Madison this has empowered the Anarchs and allowed them to join forces with the rest of the supernaturals in Madison to destroy the powerful Antediluvian or the God named Set. However with the external threat destroyed and with the Tremere Rebecca Troy’s death, will the Camarilla loyalists be able to disrupt the balance that she created and prevent this Anarch control from continuing? 

Imbued Hunters have arisen to fight and understand the supernatural, as if something is reacting to the darkness that sieges this world. In Madison they have gathered to form a School for the Imbued and have joined forces with what could be called the “good” supernaturals. This is up for debate however and many within the school don’t see this as a “good” thing. Will the death of Redmond the Founder of the School, will they stray from the path he put before them?

Garou continues their failing battle with the Wyrm and Weaver, as humanity continues to fall to corruption. With the death of Walter will they continue to work with Vampires or will they open old wounds. Many of the Garou do not agree and no true leader has yet to emerge for the Sept. Will this infighting continue and destroy any hope for a united Garou in Madison?

In the wake of the Maelstrom, the Wraith Empires have been wiped from the Tempest and Shadowlands. By inhabiting the bodies of the dead, many Wraith and Spectres have found a way to escape the Maelstrom and make it back to Earth.  Others have escaped to the digital web and some even say the Umbra…

These events and many more have led to the World of Darkness becoming a much more dangerous place. The world hasn’t ended, but it sure has changed since the 90s!

Now Madison may not look as bright as it once was but there is still hope and the creation of the Gahara Pact between Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters has the potential to help that hope bloom or wither. An official meeting of the Gahara Pact has been set to vote on a charter for this fragile alliance. The next two days are even more important than the destruction of Set…

Hunter: The Reckoning Characters

Jennifer Greig – Academy Chief of Operations/Medical Consultant – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Redemption.

Jennifer is well educated, and independently wealthy from her time as an ICU surgeon.  Her dedication to the Hunter Academy and her belief in what Redmond was trying to achieve is strong.  As a senior member of the Academy Jennifer takes new students under her wing and tries to show them a better way to handle their imbuing.  When not occupied by the administration of the Academy, Jennifer can be found helping with the instruction of newly imbued or helping out in the Academy hospital.

Lily Raditch – Teacher/Supernatural Ambassador – Creed: Vision – Virtue: Visionary

Lily is an experienced educator.  She is responsible for the Academy’s curriculum and smooth operation of its administration. Her own education, coupled with her accepting nature makes her an excellent ambassador to the other supernatural groups.  When in the field, she tries to witness and document supernaturals habits and culture.  She seeks to attend supernatural events and represent Academy Hunters.  Her specialties are Germanic languages and Vampiric Studies.

Samantha Aranza – Diplomat, Vampire Studies Professor – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Innocence

Samantha is an enthusiastic student of the world she has found herself in.  One of her favorite cartoon heroines was April O’neil, and Samantha feels that she is living something close enough to her hero’s life.  For Samantha’s active imagination, vampires, werewolves, wizards, and every other thing under the sun or moon, are no big leap for her, and she has a great thirst to know more about them all.  It is no surprise to anyone within the Academy that Samantha has gravitated towards Prof. Lily Raditch, and joins her in the field to witness and document supernatural events that Academy Hunters were invited to.

Arlen Castor – Facilities Manager, Safety Director – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Martyrdom

Arlen is a practical man.  He believes in practical things.  But his world was shaken when he was the only survivor of an explosion.  When it was made plain to him that another world existed, a dark sinister world, he did not take it well.  He retreated into himself mentally, and physically within his home.  It took a year for Arlen to gain a bearing on this new reality and his place in it.  When the Messages told him to go to Madison, he went right away.  It did not take long for him to find the Academy, and for them to take him in, and show him their way to Hunt.  Arlen now does all he can to help keep spectres from worsening the lives of good, hard working people.

Natalia Romanenko – Diplomat, Garou Studies Professor – Creed: Zeal – Virtue: Judgement

Natalia’s skills as a hunter have become a bit of a legend to the Madison area.  The students of the Academy aspire to reach her level of ability.  The other faculty respect her humility and straightforwardness.  Natalia struggled at first with the Academy’s teachings, but learned to show restraint and hone her abilities in a direction toward investigation.  She best uses her skills to help rid Madison of “supernatural problems” that are reported around the city.

Richard Hackney –  Firearms Instructor, Amnesiac – Creed: Mercy – Virtue: Redemption

Richard’s memories begin just about 7 years ago.  He remembers waking up on a bench one morning in James Madison Park, in the downtown Madison area.  His only guidance was from the Messages.  Through them he was able to make contact with the Hunter Academy, and has been working with them to combat supernaturals around the world.  Before that, his time had been confusing and violent.  Richard’s state was tragic, but as he works with the academy, he is beginning to feel like he belongs.

Jessica Stralia – Dancer/MMA Fighter, Close Combat Instructor, Creed: Zeal – Virtue: Vengeance

Jessica’s desire to fit in and feel accepted is reflected in her own welcoming persona.  Since her imbuing, she has always had a positive view of supernaturals, and is able to find something nice to say about each that she meets. She sees their existence as amazing, beautiful and rare.  As a new student at the Academy, her abilities have not yet been tested.  As a result, some of the other more seasoned members dote on her. Her abilities as a fighter are undeniable, however. 

Gary Holmes – Metalsmith/Melee Weapons Instructor Creed: Zeal Virtue: Defense

Gary is a large, be-muscled man with a solid understanding of his place in the world.  He see’s himself as a legendary adventurer and some sort of father figure to the rest of the academy, even more so now that Prof. Redmond Thatcher, the Academy’s founder, has died.  When not hunting nefarious and dangerous supernaturals, Gary, as a professional metal worker, and swordsmith, practices his craft, and creates useful items for himself to combat the darkness.  His prize creation is “Florence,” his watered-steel longsword.

Roger Allen – Chief Technology Officer, Lead Data Miner Creed: Vision Virtue: Hermit

Roger’s abilities with anything computer or electronic are top notch.  He maintains the network at the Academy and is in charge everything computer related.  His intelligence has been an enormous asset to the Academy for a decade.  What seems to give him an edge over that are the messages he receives.  On more than one occasion, Roger’s life had been saved by a last moment message telling him to go another way.  Meanwhile, few hunters report getting messages of any kind, beyond the ones that brought them to the Academy years ago.

Dominique Faison – Human Resources, Morale Officer, Creed: Mercy Virtue: Innocent

Dominique is a broken woman trying to fix herself in the only way she knows how, by fixing others.  It wasn’t long ago that she was living an upper class lifestyle, and now, after losing her wealth and status, she seeks to rebuild.  She acts as a mother figure over the other hunters in the academy, though she doesn’t seem much older herself.  When not hunting Dominique loves to socialize and listen to everyone’s stories.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Characters

Glass-Eye – Elizabeth Greenburg

– Homid – Ragabash – Black Fury

         Lost her left eye during her first change. Rather than becoming a Child of Gaia like her kinfolk family, she chose the Black Furies due to her general dislike of men. She is part owner of Green-Tech Manufacturing, now a multinational corporation run by Child of Gaia kinfolk. The company concentrates on making
products that don’t contain wyrm taint.

Bites the Flame – Angus ‘Fuzzy’ Fusey

– Lupus – Theurge – Bone Gnawer

         Grew up as a stray dog on the streets of Madison. Runs the Sept of Calm Earth at Peace Park on State Street.  Protector of the homeless of Madison. He especially loves to kill anarch vampires who don’t know the rules.

Protects the Children – Theodore ‘Tad’

– Homid – Ragabash – Children of Gaia

Born and raised in the Madison Pack, he is a homosexual whose first change occurred when the children of the pack were under attack. Married to the local Dreamspeaker Mage, Glory of the Morning.

Smells the Clues – Claus Thorsten

– Homid – Philodox – Get of Fenris

         Private investigator.  Although he takes many mundane cases to pay the bills, he advertises as specializing in “Investigations of the Paranormal.” He is a functioning alcoholic who’s only release is in hunting down evil people. He also finds some solace in the moots held in the Arboretum, where he always
takes part in the ritual hunt.

Oil Paw – Allen Wood

– Homid – Ahroun – Glass Walker

         Although he started off well-connected among a network of kinfolk and Garou, Allen quickly took what life gave him and has made the most of it. After acquiring through whatever means any company he feels would enhance his portfolio, he quickly earned a reputation for his willingness to get his hands dirty. In addition to running the Sept of of the Morning Lake in Milwaukee, he is recently getting things at his newest acquisition, the Sept of Running Stone located in the Churchill Building on the Capitol Square, running smoothly.

Mother Mary

– Lupus – Ahroun – Red Talon

         Leader of the King Killer Pack in north central Wisconsin. She also runs the Sept of Bloody Fangs. While her pack still hates humans for all their evil, they at least understands that killing all of them isn’t a good idea.

Silent Gavel – Mariko Grey

– Homid – Arun – Shadow Lord

         At only the age of 27, she is already a local alderman on the Madison City Council.  She aims to be in the state house by the time she is 30. Not well liked by other werewolves in the area, she speaks as though she will be the leader of the pack in short order.

Distant Rumble – Hariq Najam

– Metis – Philodox – Silent Strider

         He ranges across most of North America, along I-90. He comes through Madison at at least once per year, usually in the summer to attend a moot in the Arboretum. He shares tales of his adventures around the globe and brings news of the many Garou with whom he deals.

Morning Song – Talia Wilford

– Homid – Galliard – Silver Fang

         Lives in a Mansion on the north east side. A Philanthropist, she donates much of her family’s money to keep the wildlife of Wisconsin safe. She loves to throw large parties with the elite of Wisconsin.

Bamboo Leg – Lin Zhihao

– Homid – Ragabash – Stargazer

         Sent to Madison by his monastic order in 1979, Bamboo Leg makes his home in the Buddhist temple south of town.  He is old, but still extremely effective in battle. His main function at the temple is the training of Kalindo masters. Due to his history as a warrior and teacher, Leg has allies and contacts
throughout the Garou nation.

Between Roads – Lessie Bedford

– Lupus – Philodox – Uktena

At 5 years old, Between Roads was already head of her pack. By 7, she was sought after for her wisdom in arbitrating matters of her sept. Having raised two litters already, she is facing the prospect of being a grandmother and wants to create a larger place for wolves in Wisconsin.

Whispers to Winds – Ayasha Redford

– Lupus – Galliard – Wendigo         Since before your Ayasha’s first change, she was always running ahead of the rest of her pack to find news and spread tales of her pack and family. She has ranged far and knows most of the Garou and their Septs around Wisconsin. Usually forbidden, the leader of the Sept of the Three Winds has dispatched her to
negotiate on their behalf.

Vampire: The Masqurade Characters

Character Descriptions for Vampire

Vampires of the first wave

(Deceased) Rebecca Troy: First Kindred of Madison and leader of the Tremere of Madison.

Tori Redford -Gangrel- Childe of Otto. Baroness of madison. wendigo kinfolk.  Has a Garu child and grandchildren from before the embrace.  Has garou gifts.  Desperately wants the vampire’s and werewolves to get along.  Has a room at the council haven Basilica of the Cenobite..

Devin Tridel-Myor -Toreador- Chairman. Camarilla sympathizer.  The younger of the two toreador sisters.  Has a love/hate relationship with her sister Charity Myor.   Has major influence in madison hi-society, The Castle, and Section 13

Charity Myor -Toreador- Chairman.  Anarch sympathizer. The older of the two Toreador sisters tho she was embraced first and as a child.. Has a love/hate relationship with her sister Devin Tridel.  Has major influence in campus culture, The Idealist, and The commoners.  Was given adult body buy Peter Seel.  Lives at the Basilica of the Cenobite. 

Kyle Schuller -Malkavian- Chairman Anarch supporter Grand childe of Brandy madison.  Was forced to diablerize his sire right after his embrace.  Has high humanity and merits that makes him appear very human.  Has visions. Is on a quest for gulcanda.  Lives at the Basilica of the cenobite.  Walks the streets and parks of madison nightly.  Gets wayward supernaturals out of trouble.  Very heavily supported by most of the NPC population. Is chairman of two districts and is considered a prophet by some and a madman by others.

Victor King -Ventrue- Chairman. Camarilla supporter.  One of the three arbiters.  Wants stability in madison and the vampire law revamped and/or solidified in a conservative manner, tho his general outlook of vampire society is rather liberal.  Owns a large pharmaceutical research firm.  Has fought werewolves his whole life.  

Benjamin “Ben” Rothe -Tremere- Chairman One of the three arbiters. Was embraced as a child and was the first embrace in the city. Has been a trusted go between the many factions of madison, heavily in vampire/mage affairs. A strong advocate for the protection of the innocent and especially children. He has recently gained allot of influence in the city and is a representative for the Vampires in the Gahara Pact and now an arbiter.

Vampires of the second wave

Lulu Turner -Lasombra- Chairman. Anarch supporter. Runs the communal haven ”Basilica of the Cenobite”. Part of a Hollow One clique.  All her knowledge of mages is through her friend Lacy Z. Rivere.  Desires mystic discipline’s and is a little obsessed with the occult.  Commonly goes out to enjoy madison counterculture nightlife.  Has a vast trust fund from her father who is a Member of a powerful corporation.  

Brando Giovanni – Chairman Giovanni- Camarilla supporter. Runs the airport.  Owns a large construction company. Built the ”Basilica of the Cenobite”.   Has a proxi kissed apprentice necromancer.  Has encountered Euthanatos presence in the deadlands, they Killed one of your prize wraiths.

Michael Kruger -Tremere- Chairman. Camarilla supporter. Childe of Beccha Troy.  Wants the return of the camarilla and control of all the chantrys.  Wants access to Beccha Troy’s library.   Works for the Tremere and is bonded to members of the clan that serve as his superiors.  

David None -Nosferatu- Chairman.  Publicly Ex-Sabot circa 1980. Holds the secrets of sabot rituals and rights (Validry).  Has a room at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Is very Tech savvy for his age and the time period he hails from.  Well known moderator on Shreck net. Has a social media presence.  Keeps secrets well and knows many secrets about the other vampires and supernaturals in Madison. Was Mentored by Jan None.

Borislava Konev -Brujah- Chairman. Anarch supporter. Ex-Sabot circa 1980.  One of the three arbiters.  Has control of several small businesses, and both minor and major gangs.  Wants to be baron.  Would use Baron to move Madison even more Liberal and Anarch in its laws and dealings.  Is at her core rather conservative in view point.  Has a room at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Is a little bit of a madison “Legendary townie”.  Has a deep respect for Victor king tho they agree on little.

Vampires of the third wave

Peter Steel -Malkavian- Camarilla sympathizer Chairman Famous Doctor and cosmetic surgeon. UW hospital alumni. Is currently planning his “mortal death”.  Has Blood bonded and dominated his wife, mistress and son. Performed a massive surgery using Visitude on Charity Myor.  Transforming her from a 9 year old to a 21 year old.  He accidentally blood bonded her during surgery.  Charity Myor owes him still.  Did cosmetic work for Circe Yar’Adua, Fiorella Giovanni, and a few other vampires.  Is leary of James Prydwen and his snooping.  Has a group of supernaturals under lock and key that he uses for study.

Gail Blitzschlag -Tremere- Anarch sympathizer.   Lives at the Basilica of the Cenobite.  Has no connection to the clan proper.  Was a sorcerer in life, and learned some Thaumaturgy paths by herself right after her embrace. The rest she acquired through Beccha Troy. Famous web celebrity, and retired pro gamer.

Circe Yar’Adua -Caitiff- Anarch supporter.  Hated by the Traditions because of betrayal.  Disliked by werewolves for intangible reasons.  Not trusted by other vampires.  Very little is known of her publicly.  Got plastic surgery from Peter Steel to make herself look younger.

James Prydwen -Caitiff- Recently became a Chairman. Ex-thin blood. Family man.  High humanity. Sells information to the supernaturals of Madison.  Has a “mundane” family, wife three children a dampyr daughter and two sons.  His whole family knows he’s a vampire and his wife who was ghouled recently wants the embrace, he only recently gaining the ability to ghoul is unsure of whether he can embrace him self. 

Mage: The Ascension Characters

Ann Johnston (TryitCon: Open) (Akashic Brotherhood,  Age 32, Arete 5, Buddhist Monk, good Werewolf connection, Born: 1984, Awakened: 1989, Cabal:Cabal of Song and Dance): Orphan at birth, Ann was brought up in the Akashic monastery and living on both Earth and the Horizon Realm of Madison.  Awakened at the age of 5, she has studied under the Master of the Akashic Brotherhood, since her awakening.  In 2003 her master Geshe Sopa was challenged to a duel for leadership of the Akashic Brotherhood.  He was killed in the duel.  Ann has since found the link between the master that killed her mentor and the Nephandi.  Ann used this information to oust the Nephandi leader and has since been working with the Gahara Pact to protect Madison.


Lea Nosson Goodwin (TryitCon: Taken) (Celestial Chorus  Age 81, Arete 6, Nun, good Hunter Connection, Born: 1925. Awakened: 1943 Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy): Lea was born in Spain just before its civil war. Life has been rough since birth is an understatement.  She grew up in an Orphanage ran by the church and the Celestial Chorus.  In her youth she worked hard to gain the respect of her peers and mentors and by the age of 18 had dedicated herself to the church by becoming a Nun.  She works with the children of the Orphanage and has dedicated her life to uplifting children to become upstanding members of the community.  After the death of her master Fr. Michael Haider in 2004 she has been working with the Dream Speaker Glory of the Morning and his Cabal called Dream of Ecstasy to uncover a Nephandi plot. In 2017 she was able to uncover a plot to resurrect Set and with the help of the Rebellion she eradicated the Nephandi leadership.  She has since been named representative to the Gahara Pact. Recently she has claimed Archmage status and is the newly named leader of the Madison Mages.


Aadhira Hebbar (TryitCon: Taken) (Euthanatos Age 101, Arete 6, Assassin, Born: 1915, Awakened 1935, Chantry Cabal of Entropy: Cabal of the Wheel): Aadhira has worked as an assassin for the Euthanatos for as long as he can remember.  Although stationed in Madison Aadhira has traveled the world giving the good death to those that need it.  In 2001 his Mentor Aadarsh Hebbar was killed in a failed assassination of a Vampire and Aadhira has spent the last 14 years working to give the good death to the vampire that killed his mentor.  The society of mages in Madison have never trusted Jayesh or his master thinking they are Nephandi tainted.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Earlier this year Aadhira uncovered the truth that the Nephandi had infiltrated the Euthanatos and taken over the leadership.  Not only that but the Council of Mages in Madison were almost all tainted.  He confronted his leader and in a fierce battle with the help of Werewolves, other Mages, Vampires and Hunters he was able to be destroyed.  Aadhira has since taken over leadership of Madison Euthanatos and continues to bring the good death to those that need it.


Glory of the Morning (TryitCon: Open) (Dream Speakers, Age 84, Arete 5, Native American Shaman, good Werewolf Connection, Born: 1931, Awakened: 1950, Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy ):  Glory of the Morning is a Kinfolk, changeling blooded, Dream Speaker who is the son of the Master of the Dream Speakers of Madison.  He has worked with the different supernatural communities since the 1950s.  Awakened at the age of 10 he spent much time with his Werewolf cushions, and later falling in Love with one and making waves as the love between the two was not accepted due to their supernatural differences and the views of homosexuality at the time.

After the death of his Master Waukon Decorah, Glory in 2005 created the Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy.  He went on to expel his master’s murderer and has taken over the leadership of Madison’s Dream Speakers.  He has been working closely with the Werewolves since the creation of the Gahara Pact.


Peggy Fitzgerald (TryitCon: Open) (Cult of Ecstasy  Age 65, Arete 5, Mother Fool’s shop owner, Born: 1950, Awakened: 1969, Cabal of X):  Peggy has work at Mother Fool’s for the past 30 years.  She awakened in England and spent much of her time roaming the world exploring all the beauty of nature.  After 15 years of adventuring she settled in Madison and became the apprentice of the Master Magi of Madison’s cult.  Her master Jennie Justo died during the Avatar Storm after getting trapped in the Horizon realm of Madison in 1999.  For a short time she lead the cult of Madison until a wave of new mages came to Madison and democracy took the place of the trials.  Although she never wanted to be leader, she was nevertheless a great leader and after the events of Set Death she has taken back control over the local Cult of X and has since been working closely with the Gahara Pact to protect Madison.


Leon Keone Bone (TryitCon: Taken) (Order of Hermes Age 45, Arete 5, Book store owner, Born 1970, Awakened: 1988, House Ex Misc): Leon was the apprentice of Susanne Adelina Mayer.  He had worked under her for the past 30 years.  Since the Avatar storm has ended he has spent a fair amount of time in Horizon and the Umbra exploring the damage that has been done.  He use to fully trust Susanne but that changed when Set came back.  She had betrayed the Order and the world by siding with the Nephandi.  He has since become a contender for leader of the Order in Madison but the houses are divided and since the death of Jay Dee and the Nephandi Leader of Madison no one has been able to truly claim leader of all the Order in Madison. 


Evan Adams: (TryitCon: Taken) (Society of Ether Age 54, Arete 5, Professor of Engineering at the UW, Born 1961, Awakened 1971):  Evan grew up in New York with a refugee family that could barely keep the roof over their head.  During the World War I his family escaped France just before the Germans invaded.  Evan ran away from home and went to Hollywood to become famous at the age of 10.  Lets just say that didn’t go well.  At the age of 16 he was saved from an underground slave auction by a Society of Ether member and brought to Madison.  In Madison he went to the UW and received a PHD in Engineering.

Evan goes on to become the right hand man of Oliver Patterson Watts until he dies in 1991.  Evan was appointed temporary Leadership of the Sons of Ether in Madison.  Until In 2017 she worked with everyone to create a group of AI Syntics that were used to protect the Horizon Realm during the Assault by the Nephandi during the resurrection of Set.  She has since taken over leadership of the Society of Ether and has been instrumental in the creation of the Gahara Pact Charter.


Susheela Pantaleone Fabian (TryitCon: Open) (Verbena Age 36, Arete 5, Shakties shop owner. Born: 1979, Awakened 1979):  Susheela grew up in Madison and was the daughter of the three witches that controlled Picnic Point.  She is a strong and powerful woman that helped organize many women’s rights movements in the past 30 years.  She has connections with the vampires of the city.

In 2002 her mothers are killed by the Nephandi that escaped in 1995.  Susheela blames the Technocracy and rightly so.  She learned later that they had actually been kidnapped and locked away in Mecha.  With the help of the Gahara Pact she was able to free them.  They stayed in Madison for a time but knew they needed to check on their sisters across the world and left recently to seek them out.


Abel Washington (TryitCon: Open) (Handle: Unknown) (Virtual Adepts,  Age 88, Arete 5, Video gamer, Leader of a large online group, owns a Nightclub, Werewolf Connection,  Born 1927, Awakened 1950): Creator of Madison Wifi and personal Digital Web project that started in 2003.  Used to connect virtually with the Horizon realms and Umbra’s the Digital Web Madison became a famous sector throughout all of Mage society. Protected by a large group of Mages throughout the world this sector was thought to be impenetrable.  However in the past 5 years many sections have fallen to data corruption.  

In 2017 the Digital Web came under assault by the Nephandi and a Nephandus Dante attacked requiring him to lock him up with a host of Wraith that had been using the Digital Web as a safe haven from the Maelstrom.  This also required to use the Digital Web of Madison as a prison.  He has since been working with everyone to find a way to save Dante and the Digital Web.


Lacy Z. Rivere (TryitCon: Open) (Hollow Ones,  Age 67, Arete 5, Strong independent and sexual in nature. Clubbing chick, bartender, good Vampire connection, Lulu Turner’s BFF, Born 1948, Awakened 1963):  Lacy is the leader of the Hollow Ones and speaks for the Disparate Alliance of Madison, however most believe these Disparates to be Orphans or Hollow Ones.  When she came to Madison in the 90s the Hollow Ones and the Disparate Alliance had no leader and the Chantry was nothing more than a shelter that lead to the Horizon realm.  Its cities never repopulated after the Avatar storm and are now literal ghost towns.  Lacy helped the Alliance focus on Earth and what was happening to the humans.  Although she is was part of the council her voting rights have been revoked since the new Council was formed in 2006.  However in 2017 she broke a deal with Leah and in giving support to her for Representative of Mages in the Gahara Pact she would become a full member of the Mages Council with full voting rights and Hollow Ones would be seen as the 10th Tradition. She continues fights for those who have lost their voice.


Gwydion Kelly (TryitCon: Open) (Order of Hermes: Age: 131, Arete 6, Investigator and Adventure) Gwydion was born in Madison on May 24th in the year of our lord 1884 to his parents Thomas and Emma Kelly during a new moon.  Thomas Kelly studied under Jay Dee along with his wife Emma.  Immigrating to Madison with Dee they built a chantry under the guise of a pharmacy over a small node.

Gwydion became an apprentice under Jay Dee and has adventures throughout the world following many of the wars.  Since the Death of Jay Dee he has been greatly involved in the matters of Madison but continues to spent much time in the Umbra and the world looking into the power of the Nameless.


(Deceased) Jay Dee, Order of Hermes: Once the leader and Founder of Madison. Jay Dee leadership was brought into question during the Avatar storm.  His connections with the Technocracy in Madison and the rise of fighting between the two groups did not look good when Jay Dee requested that Madison not retaliate on the recent attacks by the Technocracy and to do more investigation into what was going on.  Alexander used his status as an Arch Mage to overrule Jay Dee and with the backing of the Order of Hermes Jay Dee was asked to step down.  Jay Dee is still considered on the Council and is second in command and still considered the Leader of Madison’s Order of Hermes.

Gahara Pact Charter


To enforce an everlasting peace between Madison’s Supernatural Factions, protect the Node, and fight the Nameless.


  1. No member is allowed to kill any member that is from another Faction
  2. No member can directly affect the mind, body, or soul with Magic or the likes thereof, of any member that is from another Faction
  3. Meetings are to be held between Factions to work out disputes
  4. Only Authorized supernaturals are allowed within City Limits.  A Magical Barrier Will keep out all

Judicial and diplomatic system

Each faction’s representative will be considered a judge on a council of judges who will oversee all conflicts, issues, and laws broken between factions.

Council Structure

The Council will function as a parallel body with all members having equal standing. Decisions are made by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached on a decision, it will be made by the Gahara. Responsibility for meeting coordination will be rotated among Council members. Specific role responsibilities are as follows:

  • Gahara – Serves as the liaison between the Council and the Umbral Courts.  He is the protector and judge of the Gahara Pact.  He can be called on but does not need to answer. 
  • Council Member:  Each Faction will get 1 representative that will be put into office once a year using any system that faction deems valid.  
  • Member: Members must follow the above rules and will be held to accountable for their own actions.
  • Faction: Each supernatural group will be considered its own faction.  

Council Authority

Council Members vote on and discuss matters of importance to all factions.  Intra faction issues must be resolved internally and members can not influence other internal politics.  Members will also serve as a judges council in matters of judicial authority. 

Extent of Authority

The Council may make recommendations relevant to all human and financial resources under its purview. Gahara or any Council Member may request that a course of action be approved by the Chartering Authority if deemed necessary. Any judicial matters that cross faction lines must be dealt with by the Council.  Any issues that reside within a faction must be resolved by that faction and Gahara can not interfere.


All members of the Gahara pact must meet with Gahara and be evaluated by him.  They must submit their faction and name.  All members of the Gahara Pact are considered safe in the city of Madison. 

Prehistory – 19th Century

WoD History of Madison – For Players!


MUS – Madison Under Siege created history
Source for World of Darkness History https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_(WOD)
Source for Real Life History https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_timelines


2.5 million years ago: Weaver takes humanity as her adopted child to help bring order to the world. Humans discover how to use stone tools and to hunt.

The Endless Night. As the sun sets, Lucifer and a number of angels reveal themselves to humankind and give them the gift of knowledge in a single night that lasts a thousand years.


1720 AD – 

MUS –  A coven of Verbena arrive in Madison and take control of the Picnic Point Node. Amel Nkosazana Molloy, Adebola Štefan Budny, Lisbet Othmar Salvay

MUS –  Shortly after the Verbena arrive a war sparks up between the witches and the natives.


1829 AD – Madison’s origins begin in 1829, when former federal judge James Duane Doty purchased over a thousand acres (4 km²) of swamp and forest land on the isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona, with the intention of building a city in the Four Lakes region. When the Wisconsin Territory was created in 1836 the territorial legislature convened in Belmont, Wisconsin. One of the legislature’s tasks was to select a permanent location for the territory’s capital. Doty lobbied aggressively for Madison as the new capital, offering buffalo robes to the freezing legislators and promising choice Madison lots at discount prices to undecided voters.

A Tetrasomian (Glass Walker) Philodox by the name of Patrick Schulde in Pennsylvania first encounters the spirit and totem known as the Stourbridge Lion, who tells him to bring all those who would join him to the city of Philadelphia in three years’ time.

MUS –  Jay Dee comes to Madison after studying America from Doissetep.

1830s AD:  Suspicious of French motives, Vietnam’s Emperor orchestrates the persecution of the French and Catholics.

A powerful Bane is released from its bonds in the American West; it fuses with a similarly mighty Weaver spirit to become the spiritual menace known as the Storm Eater.

The tribe called the Warders of Men changes its name to the Iron Riders.

In the late 1830s, the Cabal of Pure Thought is dissolved due to its incompatibility with the direction the Order of Reason is progressing, possibly as a result of the Templars abandoning the Order in 1837.

MUS –   John Brightmore a Templar makes his way to Madison with hope to escape the Technocracy and start anew.

1832 AD: In the Black Hawk War, Sac, Fox, and Kickapoo Native Americans, led by Chief Black Hawk, who had been relocated from Illinois to Iowa, attempted to resettle in their Illinois homeland on April 5, 1832. On May 10 Chief Black Hawk decided to go back to Iowa. On May 14, Black Hawk’s forces met with a group of militia men led by Isaiah Stillman. All three members of Black Hawk’s parley were shot and one was killed. The Battle of Stillman’s Run ensued, leaving twelve militia men and three to five Sac and Fox warriors dead. Of the fifteen battles of the war, six took place in Wisconsin. The other nine as well as several smaller skirmishes took place in Illinois. The first confrontation to take place in Wisconsin was the first attack on Fort Blue Mounds on June 6, in which one member of the local militia was killed outside of fort. 

There was also the Spafford Farm Massacre on June 14, the Battle of Horseshoe Bend on June 16, which was a United States victory, the second attack on Fort Blue Mounds on June 20, and the Sinsinawa Mound raid on June 29. The Native Americans were defeated at the Battle of Wisconsin Heights on July 21, with forty to seventy killed and only one killed on the United States side. 

The Black Hawk War ended with the Bad Axe Massacre on August 1–2, with over 150 Native Americans dead and 75 captured and only five killed in the United States forces. Many of the Native American warchiefs were handed over to the United States on August 20, with the exception of Black Hawk and White Cloud, who surrendered on August 27, 1832. Black Hawk moved back to Iowa in 1833, after being held prisoner by the United States government.

MUS –  During the Black Hawk War the Werewolves go to war with the Order of Hermes that is trying to build a Temple on their Holy Site that is now Madison Wisconsin’s Capital.  After a failed attempt to take the construction site the Werewolves worked to ambush the unprotected surrounding areas attempting to kill any member of the Order of Hermes that tried to enter the Area.  The Dream Speakers took a Neutral position but after the war started negotiations with the Order of Hermes to have an Ambassador stationed in Madison for improved relations between Werewolves and Mages 

1834 AD: The resolution of these Indian conflicts opened the way for Wisconsin’s settlement. Many of the region’s first settlers were drawn by the prospect of lead mining in southwest Wisconsin. This area had traditionally been mined by Native Americans. However, after a series of treaties removed the Indians, the lead mining region was opened to white miners. Thousands rushed in from across the country to dig for the “gray gold”. Expert miners from Cornwall, England, formed a large part of the wave of immigrants. Boom towns like Mineral Point, Platteville, Shullsburg, Belmont, and New Diggings sprang up around mines. The first two federal land offices in Wisconsin were opened in 1834 at Green Bay and at Mineral Point. By the 1840s, southwest Wisconsin mines were producing more than half of the nation’s lead. Wisconsin was dubbed the “Badger State” because of the lead miners who first settled there in the 1820s and 1830s. Without shelter in the winter, they had to “live like badgers” in tunnels burrowed into hillsides.

Although the lead mining area drew the first major wave of settlers, its population would soon be eclipsed by growth in Milwaukee. Milwaukee, along with Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Kewaunee, can be traced back to a series of trading posts established by the French trader Jacques Vieau in 1795. Vieau’s post at the mouth of the Milwaukee River was purchased in 1820 by Solomon Juneau, who had visited the area as early as 1818. Juneau moved to what is now Milwaukee and took over the trading post’s operation in 1825.

When the fur trade began to decline, Juneau focused on developing the land around his trading post. In the 1830s he formed a partnership with Green Bay lawyer Morgan Martin, and the two men bought 160 acres (0.6 km²) of land between Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River. There they founded the settlement of Juneautown. Meanwhile, an Ohio businessman named Byron Kilbourn began to invest in the land west of the Milwaukee River, forming the settlement of Kilbourntown. South of these two settlements, George H. Walker founded the town of Walker’s Point in 1835. Each of these three settlements engaged in a fierce competition to attract the most residents and become the largest of the three towns. In 1840, the Wisconsin State Legislature ordered the construction of a bridge over the Milwaukee River to replace the inadequate ferry system. In 1845, Byron Kilbourn, who had been trying to isolate Juneautown to make it more dependent on Kilbourntown, destroyed a portion of the bridge, which started the Milwaukee Bridge War. For several weeks, skirmishes broke out between the residents of both towns. No one was killed but several people were injured, some seriously. On January 31, 1846 the settlements of Juneautown, Kilbourntown, and Walker’s Point merged into the incorporated city of Milwaukee. Solomon Juneau was elected mayor. The new city had a population of about 10,000 people, making it the largest city in the territory. Milwaukee remains the largest city in Wisconsin to this day.

MUS – Werewolf and Mage relations improve after a short but bloody war.  The Mages come out on top allowing for the development of the surrounding city.  Mages also secured many holdings throughout the wilderness in these Treaties.

1836 AD –  Wisconsin Territory was created by an act of the United States Congress on April 20, 1836. By fall of that year, the best prairie groves of the counties surrounding Milwaukee were occupied by New England farmers. The new territory initially included all of the present day states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, as well as parts of North and South Dakota. At the time the Congress called it the “Wiskonsin Territory”.

The first territorial governor of Wisconsin was Henry Dodge. He and other territorial lawmakers were initially busied by organizing the territory’s government and selecting a capital city. The selection of a location to build a capitol caused a heated debate among the territorial politicians. At first, Governor Dodge selected Belmont, located in the heavily populated lead mining district, to be capital. Shortly after the new legislature convened there, however, it became obvious that Wisconsin’s first capitol was inadequate. Numerous other suggestions for the location of the capital were given representing nearly every city that existed in the territory at the time, and Governor Dodge left the decision up to the other lawmakers. The legislature accepted a proposal by James Duane Doty to build a new city named Madison on an isthmus between lakes Mendota and Monona and put the territory’s permanent capital there.[16] In 1837, while Madison was being built, the capitol was temporarily moved to Burlington. This city was transferred to Iowa Territory in 1838, along with all the lands of Wisconsin Territory west of the Mississippi River.

MUS – Jay Dee creates the capital on a Node.  He has the approval of the Horizon Council and has sent open invitations to all of the Traditions to set up Chantries in Madison if they so wish.  There isn’t much for true Node power in the area at the time but there was enough to draw the interest of a few Mages


1837 AD Start of Queen Victoria’s reign.


1846 AD – Mexico is forced to sign over a third of Mexico to the U.S. for $15 million.
Marx and Engels issue a Communist Manifesto.

1847 AD:  In December 1847, a second constitutional convention was called. This convention resulted in a new, more moderate state constitution that Wisconsinites approved in a March 1848 referendum, enabling Wisconsin to become the 30th state on May 29, 1848. Wisconsin was the last state entirely east of the Mississippi River (and by extension the last state formed entirely from territory assigned to the U.S. in the 1783 Treaty of Paris) to be admitted to the Union.

With statehood, came the creation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is the state’s oldest public university. The creation of this university was set aside in the state charter.

In 1847, the Mineral Point Tribune reported that the town’s furnaces were producing 43,800 pounds (19,900 kg) of lead each day. Lead mining in southwest Wisconsin began to decline after 1848 and 1849 when the combination of less easily accessible lead ore and the California Gold Rush made miners leave the area. The lead mining industry in mining communities such as Mineral Point managed to survive into the 1860s, but the industry was never as prosperous as it was before the decline.


1850 AD – By 1850 Wisconsin’s population was 305,000. Roughly a third (103,000) were Yankees from New England and western New York state. The second largest group were the Germans, numbering roughly 38,000, followed by 28,000 British immigrants from England, Scotland and Wales. There were roughly 63,000 Wisconsin-born residents of the state. The Yankee migrants would be the dominant political class in Wisconsin for many years.

A railroad frenzy swept Wisconsin shortly after it achieved statehood. The first railroad line in the state was opened between Milwaukee and Waukesha in 1851 by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. The railroad pushed on, reaching Milton, Wisconsin in 1852, Stoughton, Wisconsin in 1853, and the capital city of Madison in 1854. The company reached its goal of completing a rail line across the state from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River when the line to Prairie du Chien was completed in 1857. Shortly after this, other railroad companies completed their own tracks, reaching La Crosse in the west and Superior in the north, spurring development in those cities. By the end of the 1850s, railroads crisscrossed the state, enabling the growth of other industries that could now easily ship products to markets across the country.


1855 AD – The first Imperial Moot is called in North America, held on New York City’s Manhattan Island. During the Imperial Moot a Rite of Caern Building was enacted, in which the vast number of Garou present supplied an unheard of amount of Gnosis to create a caern amidst a city already in the thrall of the Weaver. The revel that followed was also reputably impressive. The caern created there is better known by the name of the sept that tends it in the modern day: the Sept of the Green.

1857 AD – 

MUS – Fr. Michael Haider founds the Holy Redeemer Church and creates a Choir Chantry.


1860 AD – 

MUS – The Tremere Rebecca Troy arrives in the City of Madison.  She quickly builds a Chantry.  The Tremere send two adepts to work with Rebecca on control of the city’s magical nodes.

MUS – The Celestial Choir, Order of Hermes, Dreamspeakers, Vampires, Wraith, Changelings and Werewolves of Madison go to war.

MUS – Otto Wolfgang follows a pair of Tremere west to Wisconsin and the city of Madison.  He seeks vengeance for ancient crimes committed against the Gangrel clan.  While hunting the leader of the Tremere he followed, Otto finds out there is a local Baali called “the Mad Town Arsonist” that moved to Madison around its creation and shortly after the mysterious fiery death of his sire.  Rebecca is also aware of the Baali and an uneasy truce is made between Rebecca and Otto to fight the Baali’s influence in the city.  Otto also learns of a Local pack of werewolves that call this area home and have a claim to the land.  Both Rebecca and Otto avoid the werewolves as best they can while learning what they can of them.


1861 – Lincoln is elected president as the Civil War starts.

Wisconsin enrolled 91,379 men in the Union Army during the American Civil War. 272 of enlisted Wisconsin men were African American, and the rest were white. Of these, 3,794 were killed in action or mortally wounded, 8,022 died of disease, and 400 were killed in accidents. The total mortality was 12,216 men, about 13.4 percent of total enlistments. Many soldiers trained at Camp Randall, which currently houses the University of Wisconsin’s athletic stadium.

Most Wisconsin troops served in the western theater, although several Wisconsin regiments fought in the east, such as the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which formed part of the Iron Brigade. These three regiments fought in the Northern Virginia Campaign, the Maryland Campaign, the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Gettysburg Campaign, the Battle of Mine Run, the Overland Campaign, the Siege of Petersburg, and the Appomattox Campaign.

The 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which fought in the western theater of war, is also worthy of mention, having fought at the Battle of Iuka, the Siege of Vicksburg, the Red River Campaign, and the Battle of Nashville. The 8th Wisconsin is also known for its mascot, Old Abe.

The Tremere perfect the Ritual of the Bitter Rose.

MUS – The Baali uses Madison to blood bond and control many officers in the military that were stationed there.  Both Otto and Rebecca failed to kill the Baali but were able to wrestle control of the city away from the Baali.

American Civil War erupts from centuries of plotting by Wyrm. This diverts Wyrm’s attention from the Native Americans, who start to solidify holdings in the North. Wyrm has U.S. government send smallpox infected blankets to the Natives, killing them in droves. Wyrm spirits of sickness also decimate Natives.

MUS – The War for Madison heats up between The Celestial Choir, Order of Hermes, Dreamspeakers, Vampires, Wraith, Changelings and Werewolves of Madison.

MUS – The Templar John Brightmore is killed, 2 Werewolves, 4 Changelings, 3 Wraith and a Vampire die.


1868 – 

MUS – Waukon Decorah comes to Madison after faking his death in the mortal world to represent the Dream Speakers of Wisconsin.

MUS – Waukon Decorah Brings an end to the Madison Supernatural War.


1875 AD – The start of the Sioux War.

The Uktena barely prevent the Storm Eater from releasing a second great Wyrm-creature like itself.

MUS – Jacob Redthorne, known as Sky-Weaver is born.

An Ahl-i-Batin comes to Madison

All of Madison’s Supernatural work together to contain a Nephandi that is believed to have help create much of the tension that exists between the different groups.  This creates a minor truce between all supernaturals of Madison


1880 – 

MUS – Frank Lloyd Wright (The Mage, who is much older than the mortal records have and a bit of a different background) comes to Madison and works with Jay Dee on construction of Hermetic Chantries throughout Wisconsin.  These are used to Contain the Neverborn in Lake Mendota.


1883 – 

MUS – Benjamin “Ben” Rothe embraced by Gerlach Muller one of the visiting Tremere tasked with keeping an eye on Rebecca Troy. Later that year the south wing of the capital collapsed killing seven people.  It is believed the Baali caused this accident to complete a ritual to curse the capitol building.  One of the tremere adepts is never seen again.

MUS – The minor truce between the supernaturals is put to its test with the events of the Baali and the death of the Ahl-i-Batin of Madison.


1890s AD: Every major tribe of Garou is by this point represented in Vancouver.

Thirteen septs of Garou begin the Rite of Still Skies in the evening on this date (its exact duration is not clear, and so may continue into the early morning of the following day). It culminates in thirteen mighty Garou, one from each tribe save the Bunyip, sacrificing themselves in the to seal the Storm Eater once more.

The modern Technocratic Union is born.

MUS – The Technocratic Union attacks Madison Uniting the Mages of Madison


1890: The Technocratic Crackdown. Ahl-i-Batin Qutbs dissolve their network of minds, vowing to return to the Tradition in the future. The Batini are left without leadership. In the confusion, the Technocratic Union wipes out many zawiya, and only a last-ditch effort, redirecting New World Order operatives to the Taftâni prevents them from finding khanates.

MUS – 2 Batini, an Ahl-i-Batin and a Taftani arrive in Madison

Around this time the creature known as the Yahwie begins hunting and slaying Ananasi in Australia, after some time it makes its way to Madison.


1895 AD: The tribe known as Iron Riders change their name to Glass Walkers.


1900 – 1999

MUS – Madison Under Siege created history
Source for World of Darkness History https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_(WOD)
Source for Real Life History https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_timelines

1896 AD – First European Assamite embraced. 


1900 – West coast cities such as San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle and Los Angeles were ripe for Brujah/Anarch rebellion as cities grew rapidly in both Kindred and Kine.  News of this spreads to Madison.  A small group of Kindred move to Madison in hopes of escaping the rebellions.  They call themselves the Lords of Madison.

MUS – Tensions flare between the werewolves, the Tremere and Gangrel, and the Lords of Madison.


1904 – The Capital is set on fire. 

In the evening a gas jet ignited a newly-varnished ceiling in the capitol building. A night watchman on his rounds smelled smoke. The Capitol had been wired for electricity, but some gas jets were still in use. 

 The Capitol had a $20,000 sprinkler system and was connected to both the city water supply and the state supply, which was located atop UW-Madison’s main hall. 

 An engineer at the university had drained the tanks on top of Main Hall while cleaning a boiler. Gov. Robert La Follette telegraphed a request to Milwaukee and Janesville for help. Both responded in record time, loading their equipment on trains. The Milwaukee Fire Department made it to Madison in 96 minutes, but they found the frigid weather had frozen the pumpers, and they had to wait for them to thaw. 

 Volunteers, including hundreds of university students, also fought the fire. La Follette ran into the building again and again to save state documents and directing people as they removed records and furniture. The students climbed ladders to the upper stories where the State Law Library was and began pitching books to the snow banks below. 

 The fire burned on for 20 hours. The entire structure except the north wing burned to the ground. 

 Unfortunately, La Follette had ordered the State Historical Society to return the revered remains of “Old Abe,” the bald eagle that accompanied the Wisconsin 8th Regiment in the Civil War, to the Capitol just a year or two before the fire. So the stuffed body of Old Abe also went up in the blaze.

MUS – The Capital is set on fire. Many supernatural events happen this night.  The death of the Lords of Madison happens at the hands of Werewolves and evil spirits.  A Tremere’s adept dies  in the fire along with the Baali.

Someone opens a rift in the Umbra that allow many powerful Wraith spirits to enter the normal Umbra and Earth.  It also caused the fire that destroyed the Capitol building.

Otto informed the Werewolves of the event and worked with them to destroy many spirits this day.  It was during these fights that the Lords of Madison got involved trying to attack a lone Werewolf but found that he wasn’t so alone and were all destroyed.

2 Mages die


1906 AD: The Sons of Ether are given a permanent seat on the Council of Nine, filling the spot left vacated by the Solificati since 1471.


1907 AD: 

Paradigma begins publication to members of the Sons of Ether. The magazine serves the Tradition by “publishing the results of Members’ discoveries, research projects, and expeditions, adding to our knowledge of the Universe and Self.” The journal publishes quarterly. Professor Bastion Steadfast introduces the journal (and the Tradition) with an article entitled “A Mens Club for Adventurers of Science.”


1909 AD – 

MUS – Sara Greenberg is born to Rebecca Greenberg shortly after Rebecca’s arrival in town. Sara grows up basically living in the management office of a twine mill.  After getting past the difficulty of running a business as a woman (only allowed since she was the widow of the owner), Rebecca’s daughter Sara became like a mascot to the workers and helped her mother become respected and loved by all of her employees.


1911 AD – The Mexican Revolution begins as the Anarchs rise up against the Camarilla, marking the start of the second Anarch revolution.


1914 – 1918 – WWI

German Ventrue and French Toreador start WW I.  The Second Sabbat Civil war reaches its height during the Great War.  Melinda Galbraith becomes Regent of the Sabbat.  The Sabbat Inquisition became a political tool but vanished when Jyhad spread between Sabbat-held territories. 

MUS – During this time a small pack of Sabbat make its way into madison escaping the Sabbat civil war.  They don’t last long in Madison finding themselves fighting Mages, Werewolves and the Tremere/Gangrel.

The Second Sabbat Civil war reaches its height during the Great War. 

Melinda Galbraith becomes Regent of the Sabbat.

The Sabbat Inquisition became a political tool but vanished when Jyhad spread between Sabbat-held territories.

MUS –  The War provides the Technocracy with a testing ground for their new developments in mechanical and chemical warfare. The Sons of Ether are dragged into the technological terror as well.

Oliver Patterson Watts creates a Son’s of Ether Chantry in Madison.

Kerem Ishild Kay comes to Madison with two apprentices and creates the Euthanatos Chantry.  

The Syndicate’s goal of uniting humanity under one government and one currency are smashed with the advent of World War I.

By the end of the War, the newly-christened New World Order begins hunting Reality Deviants as part of an elaborate campaign to protect humanity.

The Technocracy tries to set up a base to launch a full assault on Madison magi.


1918 – The First World War ends


1919:  Prohibition

The Followers of Set took quick advantage of the Prohibition by creating a criminal army that stalled investigations and actions of police and government.

MUS –  Brandy Madison (Malkavian), comes to Madison fleeing Europe with a small group in hopes of taking over this small city.  She brings with her some allies that are also not in the good graces of the European kindred.  Kyle Schuller (Malkavian), Charity Myor (Toreador), Victor King (Ventrue), and Deven Tridel (Toreador).  They are able to establish control over many of the mortal business in Madison.

Adam Vansin comes to Madison from Russia and starts controlling much of the organized crime that is springing up in Madison and nourthern Wisconsin due to the Prohibition.  He is not the only one trying to gain control of the Mortal criminal organizations.  Mai Kanaan a Follower of Set also comes to Dane county to claim control of the Mortal criminal organizations.  This leads to a bitter war between the Brujah and the Follower of Set.  

           December: The Camarilla recognises Brandy Madison as prince, and she appoints Devin Tridel-Myor, Victor King, Beccha Troy, Kyle Schuller, Adam Vansin  and Otto Primagen. 



1920 – The Mexican Revolution comes to an end. 

MUS –  The Sabbat screw both the Anarchs and the weakened Camarilla and take control of most of Mexico. The second Anarch revolution ends.  During this time a small group of Anarchs fleeing Mexico and come to Madison to stir up trouble and try and overthrow Brandy, the New Prince.  They fail and are either killed or driven off.  This however doesn’t leave Madison without its scars.  Due to all the fighting the Werewolves become much more aware of the Kindred who are now living in Madison and a war starts between the two groups that doesn’t end for over a decade. The seeds of an Anarch uprising are planted in the vampire population.

Thirty-third Justicar election

The Council of Nine Mystick Traditions has regained a lot of its old strength, fed by the vitality of the Sons of Ether and a resurgence of Hermetic and Verbena Arts.

By this year, in the wake of the Great War, all is broken. Soon after, the Technocracy declares a Pogrom against all Reality Deviants, beginning the Ascension War in earnest.

MUS –  Jay Dee creates 10 major nodes in Madison and starts creation of a Horizon Realm.  The 4 nodes are given out one to the Celestial Choir, one to the Dream Speakers, one to the Order of Hermes and one to the Verbena.  Nodes not being used by a seat were used to construct the Horizon Realm and powering that construction.

War with the Technocracy in Madison Heats up as the Technocratic base comes online. 


1925 – 

MUS –  Sara Greenberg’s first change.

MUS –  Verbena and Celestial Choir mages of Madison go to war with each other over paradigm conflicts.


1929 – The Wall Street stock market crashes. The Great Depression begins.

Latran Treaty. The Vatican is created.

Gandhi’s civil disobedience campaign begins.

MUS –  The Great Depression hits Madison and along with it came the strongest Sabbat assault in the History of Madison.  This was also at the height of the war between the Kindred of Madison and the Werewolves.  Luckily for the Camarilla kindred the Werewolves focused much of their efforts on killing off the Sabbat intruders as the Sabbat tried to set up shop in the Rural areas during its initial assault of Madison.

The Sabbat, having brought about the Depression, make their move on the rest of New England from NYC.

The Sabbat Inquisition purges several nests of Lilians for sedition, antediluvian worship, and infernalism.

MUS –  Mages of the Order of Hermes work with the Tremere Becca Troy to help fight the Sabbat.

MUS –  Mages of the Verbena and Celestial Choir Fight the Syndicate ending many of their hostilities.


1930’s – 

MUS –  Adam Vansin and Mai Kanaan have a physical battle that ends in the death of Mai Kanaan.

Brujah were preparing to kill Stalin until they decided that they needed him against Hitler. They got Stalin to sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with Hitler, then tried to replace Stalin.

Many Eastern European Kindred, particularly the Tremere, support the rise of fascism, applauding its emphasis on law and order. Seeing fascist governments as a useful check on social unrest and as a potential weapon against the Sabbat, conservative Kindred lend assistance to the proponents of totalitarianism.

Lucinde rose from torpor to discover that her Ventrue lover was killed and replaced by the Setite Kemintiri.

The Brujah Russian Council unified their opposition to Stalin after his connections to Mages and the Sabbat became apparent.


1931 AD – 

MUS –  Bootlegger Jennie Justo founds the Cult chantry in Madison and does bootlegging operations out of it


1932 – 

MUS –  The Gangrel Otto Wolfgang and Tori Redford works with the local Kindred and Werewolves to hash out a peace treaty that brings an end to the war between the two groups.  In the treaty the Kindred allow the creation of the arboretum and the werewolves make this their home.  Also Kindred are not allowed to enter any park.  In return the Werewolves will not attack Kindred that are sanctioned by the Prince to live in Madison as long as they are inside the city limits.

MUS –  Mages are not allowed to interfere in matters between Vampire/Werewolf internal struggles or any struggle between the two groups.  Mages start the signing of Truces with Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, and Wraith

Suffering from the collapse of the Qutbs and feeling abandoned by the other eight Traditions, the Ahl-i-Batin cut ties with the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions, giving up the Seat of Correspondence on the Council of Nine, and vow to protect their homelands themselves.

MUS –  The Ahl-i-Batin Chantry in Madison is abandoned.


1933 – December 21st – The Code of Milan is created by the Regent with several Cardinals and Archbishops. It’s purpose is to again stop Sabbat infighting. Developed at the end of the Second Sabbat Civil War 


1934 – October 3ed – 

MUS –  Four envoys arrive in Madison, They proclaim Baraboo to belong to the three Tzimisce- Melak, Kassey, and Balah. They worn that trespassing will not be tolerated and that they hold allegiance to no one. Before any more can be discerned the envoys disappear.


1935 – The infamous “Anonymous Edition” of Paradigma is published, subtitled “A Matter of Minor Corrections.” The issue is devoted to revealing that some of Ether Science’s most important inventions were actually done by partners and colonial servants of the white male Scientists who originally took credit. Originally dismissed as a hoax, the truth is revealed once many prominent Professors prove unable to perform the feats attributed to them. The Ethics Council removes all ethnic- and gender-based criteria for positions within the Sons of Ether. The incident sparks the foundation of the Progressivists faction.


1939 – WWII begins in Europe

MUS –  Aadhira Hebbar comes to Madison to study under Kerem.


1940 – A letter from the New World Order to the rest of the Conventions expresses their admiration for Adolf Hitler, who seems to have solved his country’s economic problems, and may yet serve to unite the nations of Europe under a single banner, which will ultimately lead to a single world government.

1941 – Hitler broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Pearl Harbor is bombed (by the Japanese) and America enters WWII.

Mithras is forced into torpor during a Nazi bombing raid. 

The Brujah have to ally with other clans to defeat the Nazi’s.

Roger “NemaTrode” Thackery sends a message to all Virtual Adepts. Their plan to bring the United States into the war is about to reach fruition, but they must be cautious, as their lives would become extremely difficult were the other Conventions to find out about their plans.

1942 – 

MUS – Truax Field Air National Guard Base is constructed by the Void Engineers of the Technocracy after a peace treaty was signed between the Madison Traditions and the Madison Technocracy.

1943 –

MUS – Adam Vansin’s childe David Boston arrives from Russia with his 2 ghouls Borislava Konev and Alexei Adamov

MUS – Lea Nosson Goodwin Awakens in Madison and studies under Father Haider of the Choir

The 53rd Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon. To the outrage of many, Hermetic Master Getulio Vargas Sao Cristavao takes the Seat of Forces, representing the Order of Hermes on the Council of Nine, replacing Master Liao Xaoxequin. The War caused great division in Horizon’s ranks.


1944 – The Technocratic Union withdraws its support of the Axis and begins supporting the clear winners, the Allies. They initiate an alliance with the Traditions. Huge joint ritual outside Berlin led by Masters Callistro bani Tytalus and Creon the Sane bani Bonisagus banishes or destroys Nephandi archmages.

One of the Masses discovers a weapon of destruction neither side of the Ascension War anticipated. The Traditions and Technocracy seize the opportunity to focus their resources on driving the largest cults of Nephandi from the world.

Control announces a shift in its attitudes toward World War II. Given Hitler’s search for magical and mystical relics, the Technocracy will be withdrawing its support and placing it firmly behind the Allies.


1945 – WW II ends.

The United Nations is formed.

Ventrue and Tremere allies of the German occupying forces attempt to oust the Tzimisce from their native soil. Bizarre occurrences plague their efforts, as if the land itself intervenes.


1945-49 – The Sabbat Tzimisce reassert their dominance over Eastern Europe, driving out the remnants of the German and Austrian Camarilla Kindred from Romania and other regions in Eastern Europe. Despite Sabbat efforts, the Russian Brujah remain. The Tremere retreat to Austria or seclude themselves to Eastern Europe.

In their last official joint action, the Traditions/Technocracy Wewelsberg Tribunal judges and executes Awakened war criminals, and gives the tainted Node at Dachau to the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy for stewardship.

A spirit of rebirth pervades the Traditions after years of war. Reconciliation Day is instituted. The Sons of Ether play a role in bringing the fractured Traditions back into harmony following World War II.

The Traditions/Technocracy alliance used to defeat the Nephandi is dissolved and disavowed.

Jared Thorpe of Iteration X reports to Control that he has infiltrated several Virtual Adept meetings, and finds Alan Turing’s ideas of Virtual Reality to be dangerous. The Adepts have also been in contact with the Sons of Ether. Thorpe doesn’t know what the Adepts are up to, but it seems subversive.

Alan Turing proposes the idea of a Virtual Reality, a mirror to reality entirely within computers. The concept circumvents the careful planning of the Time Table.


1950 – 

MUS – Tori Redford is Embraced by Otto Wolfgang (Gangrel)

MUS – Glory of the Morning is Awakened and studies under Waukon Decorah of the Dream Speakers


1954 – The Virtual Adepts begin to defect.

Central Control sends a message to the Men in Black, notifying them that Alan Turing has refused to stop his research into virtual reality, so he is to be terminated with extreme prejudice. Any electronic devices on his person are to be destroyed and the parts brought back for examination. No witnesses.

MUS – Lawrence Hugh Landweber founds a VA chantry created a Sector in the Digital web called A Virtual Madtown

1955 – 

MUS – Otto Wolfgang is murdered by an unknown party on August 15th 1955.  It is believed by many of the Kindred that Otto was killed by Brandy Madison to give Brandy the opening she needed to start a new war with the Werewolves and many of the younger Kindred of the city rise up in rebellion against the Elders of the city.  During this time many of the Kindred start making childer without the permission of the Prince.

Brandy sends in a group of ghouls into the arboretum to try and sneak attack the Werewolves caern just after the death of Otto.  This attack ends horribly and sparks a new war between the Kindred and the Werewolves.

After the Death of Otto, Tori Redford embraces Alexander Hawk to quell her loneliness and save his life.  This embrace is found out by Brandy and she calls a blood hunt on Alexander.  Many of the younger Kindred scoff at this blood hunt and try to help Alexander evade capture and make him the martyr of their Anarch rebellion.

MUS – War between the Traditions of Madison sparks up.  The Order of Hermes, Sons of Ether, Virtual Adepts vs Euthanatos, Verbena, Celestial Chorus.  With the Dream Speakers trying to bring a peace between all groups.  The Order of Hermes has been working with Local Technocracy agents to explore the Deep Umbra.  The Chorus are calling this betrayal and wish to stop this collaboration.  

MUS – Jay Dee discovers that the Nephandi that were banished from Earth were only decoys and a powerful force of the Nephandi still exists on Earth.

The entire Virtual Adept community goes virtual.

The New World Order sends a message to the rest of the Conventions. The Virtual Adepts have vanished, and they’ve taken all data on the Technocracy with them. The Time Table is shattered. Any Adepts found are to be executed slowly and painfully as a lesson to others.


1957 –

The Third Sabbat Civil War lasted only 100 nights from a Brujah Antitribu coup in New York. After their assistance in the Third Sabbat Civil War, a group of Caitiff was recognized as a separate group/bloodline by the Lasombra and Tzimisce of the Sabbat. They were named “Panders” after their leader Joseph Pander. 

The Third Sabbat Civil War in the Americas bleeds over into Europe emerging as another battle between the Brujah Antitribu and Romania-local Tzimisce.

MUS – A small group of Caitiff kindred, arriving from Chicago hear about the Sabbat giving the “Panders” status and try to petition Brandy the Prince of Madison to give them a seat on the council.  All of them are killed on the spot.

1959 – 

Pentex completes its takeover of Magadon, Incorporated in the later months of this year. Co-founder and Director of Administration Matthew Davies is the most vocal objector, but he accepts Pentex’s extremely generous severance package.

Acting on behalf of the Virtual Adepts, Roger Thackery begins talks with Etherite Julian Spence regarding admission to the Traditions.

Julian Spence, Son of Ether, sends a message to the Council of Traditions regarding the Virtual Adepts. Spence feels that the Adepts have a lot to offer the Council, not the least of which is the filling of the position left vacant by the Ahl-i-Batin. The Adepts also have a copy of the Technocracy’s Time Table, projects in planning, and information on the Iteration X machine realm, Autochthonia.


1960 – 

MUS – Michael Kruger is Embraced by Rebecca Troy.  This is one of the few sanctioned embraces by Prince Brandy and the mages.

MUS – Susanne Adelina Mayer comes to Madison to apprentice under Jay Dee


1961 – 

The Council of Nine, assisted by Dr. Julian Spence, sends a letter to the Virtual Adepts, offering them a place within the Council of Traditions, provided the Adepts agree to be on probation for five years, will turn over all information regarding Technocracy plans, and agree to take the Seat of Correspondence

Roger Thackery, on behalf of the Virtual Adepts, responds to the invitation from the Council of Nine: “We accept”.

MUS – Following his visit to a high profile Silver Fang wedding, William Burke returns to Madison with his neice Shannon ‘Moonbeam’ Burke. He has been given custody while his brother Marcus is in Vietnam fighting the bad guys.


1965 – 

MUS – Jan None (Nosferatu) arrives in Madison and sides with the anarchs helping them dig up the dark secrets of the elders.

MUS – Shannon Burke goes through her first change. She chooses the Children of Gaia as her tribe rather than Silver Fang, her birthright. This causes much harumphing.


1968 –

MUS – Lodin obtained permission from the Ventrue Justicar to settle the Anarch problem once and for all. More than 100 vampires are said to have disappeared that night.

With the help of Jan None the Anarchs of Madison evade destruction at the hands of Lodin.

David Boston and his ghoul  Alexei Adamov are not so lucky…

MUS – Luko Lau born September 21, 1968


1969 – 

MUS – Redmond Thatcher and Zachariah Jager are Imbued during an event in Vietnam. They are sent to wipe out a small village thought to house a munitions supply. They encounter werewolves commanded by a mage.  Redmond and Zachariah’s platoon is wiped out by the Black Spiral Dancers.  After killing one of the werewolves, Redmond and Zachariah barely escape with their lives.  They are treated for their wounds and Honorably Discharged back to the United States.


1970 – 

MUS – Shannon Burke and Sara Greenburg die during a massive battle with a Wyrm Beast. The battle is so intense that the energy released is felt in the real world in the form of the Sterling Hall Bombing.

MUS – It is believed the Sterling Hall bombing was an attack on an organization known as Pentex by the Werewolves.  The truth behind this event is quickly covered up by Brandy and not even Jan None is aware of what really happened. 

MUS – After years of service as a ghoul Borislava Konev is embraced by Adam Vansin (Brujah) without the sanction of the Prince.

MUS – Leon Keone Bone awakens as a result of the Sterling Hall event and apprentices under Susanne Adelina of the Order of Hermes.

MUS – Redmond Thatcher and Zachariah Jager work together to hunt and survive in their new world.  The sheer volume of supernaturals present in the world shocks the both of them.


1971 – 


1972 –

MUS – Redmond Thatcher and Zachariah Jager are now heavily bearded homeless veterans begging on the streets of San Francisco.  Homeless drifters by day, Hunters of supernaturals by night.


1973 – 


1974 –  

MUS –  The Giovanni clan begins investing heavily into the Madison airport.


1975 – 

MUS – Tori Redford makes a deal with the Werewolves of the city to capture Brandy and force her to end the war between the vampires and the Werewolves.  Brandy weasels out of meeting final death or even banishment by cooperating and insisting that only she can keep the Elders of the camarilla from breaking the peace and is subjected to a ritual that binds her to her word.  Brandy accepts the position of seneschal and stays in control of much of the day to day proceedings of the Kindred of Madison and Tori becomes Prince to insure a lasting peace between the Kindred and the Werewolves.

Tori Redford agrees to keep the Camarilla structure in place and declares that she is the Prince, Brandy is her seneschal, and that the city will mostly be run by the Primogen.  Each clan will have 1 vote and the ability to abstain from any vote.  In case of a Tie vote the Prince will decide, any vote can be vetoed by the Prince and a 2/3’s vote will be needed override the veto.

MUS – Deer Park is founded by the Akashic Brotherhood and Geshe Sopa is the leader of a small group of Akashic.

MUS – The Akashic Brotherhood, side with the Order of Hermes in a surprise move that no one saw coming.  A Truce is called between all involved and renewed effort is focused on destroying the Nephandi that escaped the Ritual that banished most to the Deep Umbra and to find out how Nephandi of the Deep Umbra are making it back to Earth and by passing the Horizon protection spell.  The Void Engineers of Madison agree to assist with this endeavor.

MUS – WoD Peace Treaty of Madison

MUS – Claus Thorston born July 1, 1975 in Sweden

MUS – Redmond Thatcher and Zachariah Jager begin to formally keep notes on the doings of supernaturals types that they encounter and document weaknesses, habits, activities and contacts.


1976 – 

Malkavians get Jimmy Carter elected as a prank.

MUS – Cathryn Vancil born April 23, 1976 in Madison


1977 – 

MUS – Several visiting vampires go missing.  Most notably are a Tzimisce from Baraboo and a Malkavian from Milwaukee.  This puts a strain on politics as no cause is publicly ever found.  


1978 –


1979 – 

MUS – Susheela Pantaleone Fabian is created by the Verbena of Madison.  A spree of Murders happen in Madison. Throughout this year.


1980 – 

Ventrue regain the Presidency as Ronald Reagan is elected.

Mid 1980’s – Ventrue Ruud Retief made an announcement at the Conclave in Liberia; South African Board of (Ventrue) Directors made pacts with Sabbat to encourage upheaval throughout Southern Africa. This shocked the Kindred world over.

MUS – Evelyn Adams comes to Madison and Apprentices under Oliver Patterson Watts of the Sons of Ether.

MUS – William Burke dies under mysterious circumstances.

The Ahl-i-Batin/Taftâni alliance pays off, as Technocratic forces are routed in an incursion attempt. As the Technocratic paradigm no longer holds sway, Paradox knocks their helicopters out of the sky.


1981 –  

MUS – Lulu Turner arrives in Madison with her sire Rehl Zuul.  In order to facilitate her entry to the council Tori calls a vote to change Madison to a Anarch city.  Surprisingly the vote passes. A system of offices based on merit is established. Victor King, Devin Trindel, Michael Kruger, Tori Redford, Lulu Turner, Jan None, Charity Myor, and Adam Vansin are appointed chairmen of districts in madison.  Victor King and Borislava Konev are appointed Arbiters. Tori Redford is Baroness.

MUS – Lawrence Hugh Landweber creates CSNET in Madison.

Black Spiral Dancers invade a Ratkin nest in Port Said, slaying the Ratkin and their totem, then converting the nest into the Hive of the Boiling Sands.


1982 – 

Blood Eye becomes the Alpha of all Red Talons

MUS – Redmond Thatcher and Zachariah Jager form T&J Investigations a “Detective Agency” in San Francisco.


1983 –

MUS – Elizabeth Greenburg born February 14, 1983

MUS – 


1984 –  

MUS – Steven Allen comes to Madison and works with Father Haider as an apprentice of the Choir

The first cyborg HIT Mark rolls off the assembly lines


1985 –  

MUS – Peggy Fitzgerald sets up shop in Madison and works with Jennie Justo of the Cult of X


1986 –

MUS – Thomas Whittier born October 3, 1986



The Order of Hermes begins receiving reports of a white-haired Nephandus who corrupts Tradition mysticks with ease.

The 58th Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon. Only three representatives attend: Dr. Julian Spence of the Sons of Ether, Lady Charlotte Quay of the Verbena and Master Getulio Vargas Sao Cristavao of the Order of Hermes. Two envoys from the Hollow Ones show up, but are ejected. Without at least two-thirds of the Council, no votes can be made.

New Horizons Youth Center is founded by a small committee of concerned social workers. Accompanied by the sounds of howling wind, one of the founders dies in the basement. The cause of death is ruled a heart failure.

1989 – 

MUS – Ann Johnston awakens and trains with the Akashic Brotherhood of Madison

MUS – Rehl Zuul and Adam Vansin leave madison.  They leave their assets, titles, and territories to their childe and head east.


1990 – Most Brujah Council Members in Russia send their KGB agents etc, against Mikhail Gorbachev (they were against his reform plans), but all agents vanished without trace.

Baba Yaga awakens from torpor and overwhelms the supernatural denizens of Russia, slamming down a supernatural barrier that prevents Kindred from leaving. Contact with the Brujah who support the Soviet government breaks off abruptly and many Kindred in Russia disappear.

The Golden Dragon Society investigates the Syndicate, and finds that it has ties to a corporation called Pentex, itself a front for a hitherto-unknown magical society which subscribes to an unknown paradigm. They’re dubbed the “followers of the Centipede.”

Pentex attempts to establish a new base, in the form of a “rainforest preservation research center” called Green River Awareness. The Swift Claw pack destroys the surrounding jungle area and makes it look like Pentex did it. The pack is tried before Golgol Fangs First and found guilty of conspiring with the Wyrm, but the charge is dismissed and renown is rewarded instead when Pentex is blamed, banned from the area, and investigated by the Brazilian government, turning the tide of the war.


1991 – The US and the USSR (and their Technocratic counterparts) sign a treaty to stay out of Afghanistan.

The Soviet Union collapses.

MUS – Brando Giovanni arrives and facilitates another huge expansion of the airport.  He decides to pass on taking up residency.  He does purchase several construction firms and merge them in Underkeep.

Baba Yaga begins to assert power in Russia , consuming, destroying, or dominating all vampires that stand in her way. She’s assisted by a dozen mages who erect a mystical barrier, preventing anyone from stepping into the Umbra, while a string of coincidental effects prevents all supernaturals from leaving. Even communications are affected.


1992 – 

MUS – Lacy Rivere creates the Hollow One Chantry in Madison

Hermetic Mark Hallward Gillan, tracking a serial killer in Cape Town, traces him to a Euthanatos Marabout. Investigating, he claims to have discovered a Euthanatos conspiracy involving the House of Helekar and the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy. An Elder investigates and finds no basis for the accusation. Gillan appeals to the Order’s Grievance Council, but they too refuse action.


1993 – 

MUS – Lulu meets Lacy Rivere a mage looking to invest in a large amount of space downtown.  Well negotiating they are attacked by a werewolf.  

Lulu Turner takes the entirety of her trust fund, liquidises all of the assets left to her by sire Rehl Zuul and takes donations from Devin Tridel, Charity Myor, Jan None, Borislava Konev, Lacy Rivere, and X.  She secures a piece of lakefront property and negotiates a 3 year development deal with Brando Giovanni’s construction mega conglomerate Underkeep. 

MUS – Red Talons begin to enter Wisconsin in an organized fashion.

The idea of an “ambassador program” is first raised in Horizon.

The epic War of Chicago between Garou and Kindred occurs.


1994 – 

MUS – Construction on the ”Basilica of the Cenobite” begins.  

MUS – The private detective James Prydwen is embraced by his client while reporting the results of her case.

MUS – Claus Thorston and his pack kill the ghoul and Vampire responsible for Claus’ parents deaths.

Baba Yaga begins assaults against the Garou, prompting great losses – not only did the Garou die in great numbers, but many caerns (already weakened by the Shadow Curtain) were lost as well.


1995 – 

MUS – Teresa Rice awakens and joins the Ranks of the Virtual Adepts

A tenth region is formed when the Great Rift opens on the continent of Posht in Horizon, between the territories of the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Adepts.

A huge fight breaks out in the Spy’s Demise, eluding the club’s security. Several customers die, leading to a change in the club’s policies. Following the fight, the club’s management requests that bartender Jessica Young no longer wear her Void Engineer jumpsuit.

Xadreque Machado of the Technocracy contacts Cornelius Balt of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions regarding a central repository for the good of Sleepers regarding, among other things, the Umbra.

MUS – In 1995 the Technocracy send a group of investigators to the Madison Construct and discover they are working with the local Traditions.  The investigators report it is to fight Nephandi but due to an incident at the time of the investigation a Nephandi escaped the Deep Umbra and it might be tied to Nephandi Influence in the Construct.  Over the next 5 years the base will come under the control of a Nephandi.

War sparks up between the Traditions and the Technocracy as well as internal divisions.  A nephandi is set loose that leads to the death of a master.


1996 – The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty passes, banning all nuclear testing in the US.

Master Dante and his apprentice Nile arrive in Horizon at the behest of Master Porthos Fitz-Empress, as a stealth attempt to place younger, more progressive members on the Council of Nine. Along with representatives from every other Tradition, the two meet exiled Hermetic Mark Hallward Gillan, who presents Euthanatos Master Agatha Marsh with conclusive proof of both the corruption of the House of Helekar and the conspiracy within the Order of Hermes to silence him.

The Shadow Lords utilize one of the few, hidden surviving Children of Gaia of Russia – Alyosha Lyubov, leader of those remaining – to help them approach the Get of Fenris to achieve an alliance for the benefit of all Garou in Russia.

MUS – The Red Talons send a diplomat to Madison, which is very odd. It turns out their population has surged in the past few years.

1997 – The Night of Bloody Terrors: Giangaleazzo (Lasombra Antitribu) destroyed the Sabbat in his city and burned the Code of Milan then joined the Camarilla.

A wave of madness sweeps across the Camarilla Malkavians. The Reawakening.  Malkavians regain Dementation.  Sabbat Regent Khenan Traitre calls for a crusade across North America.  Sabbat swarm across the eastern seaboard and up out of Mexico into the united states.  Dozens of cities fall.Brandy does not seem to be affected by this plague of Madness although it’s hard to tell. 

Thin-Blooded Vampires appear in loose packs in cities around the world.  Most are too thin-blooded to even have a clan.  Many possess weaker versions of the standard Vampire weaknesses.  Rumors circulate that some can even bear children and others are stricken by powerful visions.

June 13-

MUS –  Construction on the ”Basilica of the Cenobite” ends.  Victor King immediately signs Underkeep to a project “High Castle Penthouses”and construction begins the same day.  

Doissetep explodes, causing a shock wave affecting everything connected to it, including the Digital Web, which experiences the Great Crash. The entire Web goes offline for three seconds, killing many, injuring others for weeks or months, and any sector that wasn’t permanently erased is damaged.

In the summer, the Seer is discovered in the Digital Web

MUS –  Lawrence Hugh Landweber Leader of Madison’s Virtual Adepts. Dies in 1997 in the Great Whiteout.

Leadership of Madison is Remotely done by Danti until his death in 2001.

In late October Baba Yaga’s forces attack the Sept of the Crystal Mind (of the Stargazers) and the Aral Sea Caern (House Wise Heart Silver Fangs). By the end of the month every single member of the Silver Fang sept had been destroyed, ending the line of House Wise Heart Silver Fangs in Russia. The Stargazer caern barely survives through guerrilla tactics. At the same time, the hag sends forces into Siberia to deal with the Wendigo who had fought her back in early 1995.