2015 – 2017

MUS – Madison Under Siege created history
Source for World of Darkness History https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_(WOD)
Source for Real Life History https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_timelines

Prelude to Gen Con Events: The death of a Council member of the Traditions causes the city of Madison falls into chaos with the death being linked to the Hunters and possibly putting the peace at risk.

Dec 5th 2015: 

MUS – Major Event: Terrell Perry, a mage and Leader of the Cult of Ecstasy in Madison, is murdered by an Unknown Hunter.  During this time the rare Avatar Storm hits Madison.  Mages, Vampires, Hunters, and Werewolves learn of this murder and find that they are all tied into something much darker potting in Madison.

People have been going missing for the past few weeks throughout the world who work for drug research testing groups that have laboratories in Madison.

Over 80% of Madison’s rat population dies.

Dec 6th 2015: 

MUS – Vampires:  Vampires meet and decide this murder is something that threatens the peace and the mages will likely counter attack.  The Chairmen decide to investigate at the behest of Tori, the Baroness.

Hunter:  Redmond Thatcher, leader of the Hunter Academy, informs the staff of this murder and launches an investigation with the purpose clearing the Academy’s name and finding the killer.

Mages:  The Mages that are part of the Rebellion meet and find out that this might be connected to Alexander, Leader of the Mages in Madison, as Terrell Perry was Investigating into Alexander.  No hard proof can be found however.  

Unknown, leader of the local rebel VAs, learned that Elise leader of the Virtual Adepts in Madison is planning a Cyber attack on the Hunters.  He brings this information before the council and gives plans to protect the Hunters from the attack.

Werewolves:  A Black Spiral group is found to have moved to Madison and might be connected to the Sewage Plant.  The Werewolves also learn that the rats who died are turning into Bane Spirits and namer magic was used.

Act 2: Dec 14th

MUS – Major Event:  The Black Spiral Dancer Caern was found and connections to the Avatar Storm and the Death of Terrell are found.  There is a portal to the Abyss in the Cearn,

Mages: Elise Webb attacks the school with a Cyber Attack.  He is also able to convince the government to cut funding.  The Cyber Attack is stopped but the Hunters could not prevent the loss of government funding.

Elise Webb is found to be the creator of a Nano Virus that killed all the rats in the city.  Pest control you know…

Mages found a portal to a pocket realm in the Sewage Plant that might lead to a Black Spiral Cearn

Hunter: Zachariah the leader of the Demon Hunters (a rogue group of Hunters that are not part of the Peace) is found to be the murderer of Terrell.  Zachariah has motive, he was Imbued in Vietnam after Terrell turned a group of Werewolves on his platoon to protect a village they were ordered to destroy.  It is discovered that Zachariah was working alone, without his group.  The Demon Hunters group knows nothing of the murder, and does not know where Zachariah has gone.

Vampires:  Summoned the Wraith of Terrell.  He told them that Zachariah killed him but he didn’t know why.  He was not aware of Zachariah’s involvement in Vietnam

Worked with Werewolves to recover the body of Terrell.

Werewolves:  Investigated into the rituals that are tied to the rats and the missing people that might be being shipped to the Sewage Plant.  They investigated the Sewage Plant but couldn’t find anything in this world or the Umbra.

The Crane Spirit that enhances the local Umbra to protect any spirit in the area from becoming a Bane Spirit.  The Crane is being held in the Black Spiral Dancer Caern.

Act 3: Dec 21st

MUS – Major Event:  Black Spiral Cearn is found.

Zachariah is found to have been working with the Black Spirals to help him kill Terrell.  The Black Spirals gave Zachariah the time and place to be and that he would be weakened.  Black Spirals created an Avatar storm by sacrificing Humans and Animals it is not know how this is done.

Elise Webb is the one who gave the Black Spirals the Ritual to create the Avatar Storm and the information on Terrell

Jay Dee Gathers 15 members of the supernatural community to assault the Black Spiral Caern.

Mages:  Mages use rituals to enhance the Wraith Terrell.  Half the Mages go to the Umbra to assist the Werewolves the other half assist the Vampires in assaulting the physical Sewer Plant.

Vampires:  Vampires assault the Sewer Plant to stop another ritual to summon an Avatar Storm.  They are assisted by the Hunters and Mages.  Elise Webb is found and captured by Terrell and dragged into the Dark Umbra.

Hunter:  Hunters assist the Vampires and Werewolves to assault the Black Spiral Cairn.  Zachariah was not at the Caern.  

Werewolf: The Werewolves go to the Caern via the umbra using a shallowing near the Caern. They are joined by Hunters and Mages.  They encounter RoidQuake, a very powerful Black Spiral Dancer. Walter, leader of the Madison Werewolves fights RoidQuake. Walter is killed by accident when the Shadow Lord Mariko Grey shoots through RoidQuake while he was grappling with Walter.

The Crane Spirit is cleansed of its Worm Taint that had infected it after a battle with the Werewolves.  They are able to close the portal to the Abyss but RoidQuake gets away.


Gen Con 2016 Events:

The events of Gen Con started off with 

Dec 22nd 2015

MUS – A Funeral Moot for Walter was held by the regional Werewolves

Mages gather to prep for a trap that will uncover many Nephandi who are in their ranks

Hunters investigate into a Wraith

Kindred gather to talk about missing Kindred and to meet about the recent events.

Hunters gather to discuss past events.

Dec 27th

MUS – Mages and Hunters work together to back up the Mages who are sent to kill Set before he is released.  Nephandi comprise a large part of the Mage group sent to kill Set and unleash a devastating attack on their would be allies.

The Mages and Hunters work together to fight off the Nephandi and escape with as many survivors as possible

Vampires investigate into Rituals designed to empower and free Set from his cage.

Werewolves investigate into Rituals

2016 –

Jan 3rd:  

MUS – Mages gather forces to fight the local leadership who have now been proven to be Nephandi.

Werewolves fight a group of Black Spiral Dancers

Vampires fend off an attack

Hunters fight with the Demon Hunters

The Gaharra Pact is killed in their Pocket Realm

Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters meet at the Pocket Realm and fight a horde of undead specters that are pouring out of a portal leading to the Dark Umbra.

Gahara Spirit arrives and informs the local supernatural groups that the end of the world is coming and that Madison is the last beacon of hope.

Jan 4th:

MUS – Mages Vampires Werewolves and Hunters hold funerals for their fallen.  Each group meets to decide on what to do next

Jan 10th:

MUS – Supernaturals of Madison gather and decide on Leaders to represent them in a new Gahara Pact that the city has agreed on.

Gahara Pact Representatives of Madison

Vampire: Ben 

Mages: Leah

Werewolves: Bone Gnawer Angela Fusey

Hunters: Jennifer Greig

Werewolves are informed of the destruction of the City Father of Casablanca, stronghold of the Silent Striders

Supernaturals of Madison confirm that Chicago is absent of supernaturals. The ones that were there are simply gone. No other information can be confirmed.

Jan 17th:

MUS – Mages Fight the Avatar of Set in the Horizon Realms

Vampires Fight a 3rd Generation Vampire who follows Set in the Dark Umbra

Werewolves fight allies of Set in the Umbra

Hunters fight Followers of Set in the steam tunnels of Madison

Set arrives in the Pocket realm looking to get the last artifact needed to become a Mummy

Set is attacked by all supernatural factions of Madison and killed

Vampires around the world are given one day where the sun does not burn them. Helios himself gives them this gift in order to guarantee the defeat of Set.

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