1999 – 2015

MUS – Madison Under Siege created history
Source for World of Darkness History https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_(WOD)
Source for Real Life History https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_timelines

1999 – Retaking of New York by the Camarilla from the Sabat. 

MUS –  Completion of High Castle Penthouses.

Summer – Maelstrom ripped through the Shadowlands.

MUS –  After the fall of all other Wraith Realms Madison Stood alone.  The power of the Wraith Spirit and the Node along with all the legions of Wraith that were part of the peace treaty could not save them.  Over the next year the city was destroyed and it is rumored that someone helped the Wraith escape to Earth and the Digital Web.

The Dark Umbra becomes less and less hospitable to werewolves, as a terrible storm starts to tear through it. Some Garou speculate that this is linked to the appearance of Anthelios(the Red Star), which is present in the Dark Umbra as well. Wilderness areas tend to be the worst, whereas cities are more stable against the storm.

More Wraiths become Risen than ever before.

MUS –  Avatar Storm surrounds earth stopping Mages from crossing the gauntle.  The Storm causes people that pass through the gauntlet to be shredded by avatar shards, the stronger the Arete of the Mage the more damage taken from crossing the gauntlet.  

Horizon realms of Mages in the Umbra begin to become more disparate from reality, some losing their connection to and from reality, others being attacked, and one may have had asteroids thrown at it by Rorg. This is likely connected to the arrival of Anthelios.

The Apocalypse Forecast. Technocracy projections calculate a 75.367% chance of some form of global catastrophe in the next five years. Projections also favour some kind of internal war in the same time period.

MUS –  Jennie Justo died during the Avatar Storm after getting trapped in the Horizon realm of Madison in 1999.  For a short time Peggy Fitzgerald leads the cult of Madison until a wave of new mages came to Madison and democracy took the priority over the trials.  Although she never wanted to be leader, she was nevertheless a great leader and most of the mages who lived in Madison prior to the storm wish to see her placed back in that leadership position.

MUS –  Jennie Justo dies in 1999

MUS – Emergence of imbued Hunters

Hunter-net.org is created by Witness1 as a place for hunters to trade information.

Hunter.net is mysteriously shut down.

Hunter-net is just as mysteriously restored and appears to suffer no further attacks.

Jennifer Grieg is Imbued while working night shift ICU at St. Mary’s Hospital.  She meets Klaus Thorsten during the event in which she was imbued.

Gary Holmes Imbued while participating in a foam weapons war at a campground in Illinois.

The Progenitor Wolf manifests in Australia, stopping Mamu from slaying several Mokolé and Peter Ward, the Glass Walker accompanying them. This causes Mamu to flee in shame and Rage, and he has not definitively been seen since; sighting and rumors persist, though, suggesting he roams Australia’s wilderness, wreaking havoc.

The Beast Courts propose alliance with the Stargazers

The Perfect Metis is born.

Week of Nightmares and the death of Ravnos 

MUS – Kyle has a clear visions of this event and tells the kindred of Madison.  Kindred and Mortal alike are struck by Nightmares for a week but it isn’t until Kyle explains what happened in Asia that the Kindred of Madison start to understand that he might actually be telling truths and not just being his normal crazy self.

Ravnos across the world descend into madness, relentlessly killing and diablerize each other.

A young Vampire named ‘Doc’ somehow survives the massive storms in Bangladesh.

Baba Yaga meets Final Death and the barrier isolating Russia from the rest of the world falls. Rumors circulate throughout the Sabbat that the Hag’s death came about at the hands of the Black Hand Seraph Jalan-Aajav, while some Camarilla Kindred claim that their own warlord, Karsh, is responsible for her demise. 

MUS – Kyle has a vision of this Baba Yaga being drained of blood and soul by a small dark haired girl with a crescent moon birthmark and tells the kindred of Madison.

Xaviar storms into an Inner Circle meeting, accompanied by Adrian Seeräuber and resigns his commission as Justicar. Immediately afterwards, they both travel to Temple Rock and tell the majority of the clan that they must leave the Camarilla for their own survival.

Nights after Xaviar resigns the Gangrel clan renouncing Camarilla membership almost to a vampire.

MUS – The second  annual Basilica presents: The Halloween open salon is infiltrated by group of the risen dead passing themselves as vampires.  When the same group tries to make there way into the basilica during the next council meeting they are found out.  More stringent measures are put in place to verify vampiric status at madison meetings

Fighting over Calcutta continues between the Ravnos and the Kuei-jin. The Ravnos begin employing Sabbat mass-Embracing techniques, resulting in the deaths of large numbers of thin-blooded vampires, thereby hastening the awakening of the Ravnos Antediluvian.

In the first week of June, sensitives around the world begin having horrific and prophetic nightmares. The period becomes known as the Week of Nightmares. Some demonologists suspect this is a sign of the return of the Prince of Nightmares.

Starting with the events of this month, the members of House Criamon begin going insane, succumbing to Quiet or dying. One who does recover recalls something about a cannibal king and a typhoon in Asia.

Apocalyptic visions of dragons, demons and other creatures infest the dreams of the shen of the Middle Kingdom.

As the Vajrapani and the Euthanatoi prepare for revenge following the death of many of their followers, the Kannagara and Euthanatos leaders see a new Himalayan War in the making. Together, they urge the Traditions to abandon the Ascension War.

Cornelius Balt suggests that he and Xadreque Machado postpone any further work until the “storms” calm.

Xadreque Machado warns Cornelius Balt about an impending nuclear attack on Zapathasura and recommends Balt leave the premises within two hours.

The Technocracy implement Operation Ragnarok. They use neutron missiles and four reflecting orbital mirrors to reduce the Ravnos Antediluvian to dust. Simultaneously, Technocrat Xerxes Jones detonates a nuclear device in the Labyrinth at the mouth of Oblivion, while the forces of Stygia drop a relic nuke on Enoch. So much spirit energy releases the Sixth Great Maelstrom and starts the Avatar Storm.

The Avatar Storm causes Major Thomas Houston’s vessel to crash, and only a fraction of his crew survives.

The energies of Kapiti Island straighten out.

The Red Star — also known as Anthelios or Wormwood — appears in the sky.


2000 –

 The Children of Knowledge accept the Order of Hermes’ offer of membership, and join as House Solificati.

lux of Infaround 100 Mages arrive in madison over the next 5 years.  Many mages die in an full blown war with the Technocracy. 

The Shadow Curtain surrounding Russia collapses.

MUS – Lily Raditch is Imbued after an encounter with the Vampire Michael Kruger in Munich, Germany.


2001 –

Mortal scientists detect new planetary body near our solar system, distinctly red in colour, which they dub 2001 KX76.


MUS – Evelyn Adams is the right hand woman of Oliver Patterson Watts until he dies in 2001.  As he was crossing over the Avatar Storm and found dead on arrival.  Not much is know about what really happened.

Evelyn is appointed temporary Leadership of the Sons of Ether in Madison.

The Get of Fenris destroy the Swords of Heimdall, Thule Society and Asatru Futhark.

Kindred from Western Europe take advantage of reestablished relations with Eastern Europe and resume travel to former Iron Curtain countries.

The Assamite civil war begins, massive factions of Warriors, Viziers, and Sorcerers break from the clan.

October 31-

MUS –  Four ghouls/revenants enter the fourth annual Halloween party in 2001. When they are discovered, most of the attending vampires vote to kill the group. Benjamin, however, stakes his claim on the youngest, claiming his ‘right to the youth for proper punishment’. As if to punctuate his statement, he

removes one of the youth’s fingers with a dinner knife in the center of the party. The council allows him

his request, placing the responsibility of the ‘ghoul’ on the vampire’s lap.  The others are interrogated and destroyed.


MUS –  Ivan Hunt Awakens and joins the ranks of the Cult of Ecstasy. 

The New Horizon Council meets in Los Angeles to trap the Nephandi, and decimate Jodi Blake’s minions. They use the success to unite the Traditions.

Project Stormwarden, an effort to break through the Avatar Storm, is started.

MUS –  In 2001 his Aadarsh Hebbar Leader of the Madison Euthanatos is killed in a failed assassination of a Vampire.

MUS –  Aadit Aadhishankar takes leadership of the Euthanatos of Madison

MUS –  In 2001 there is a vote to have Robyn Mason become the leader of the SoE and a repeat vote is held in 2005 with the same results.

MUS – Angus Fusey born March 28, 2001


2002 – 

Mysterious communiqués spread to mages, carrying the mark of the Sphinx. The transmissions praise cabals who fight the Technocracy and admonish those who don’t. The unknown authors come to be called the Rogue Council.

An anonymous Hermetic sees a billboard marked with a Sphinx, advising him to read a new book on alchemy by John Crow. Calling the number provided puts him in contact with a young person dabbling with alchemy, and on the verge of Awakening.

MUS – Vote called to add an amendment to ban the killing of the mortal citizens of Madison. Victor king Votes against and Circe abstanes.  Victor was openly influenced by Brando Giovanni.

MUS – In 2002 her mothers are killed by the Nephandi that escaped in 1995.  Susheela blames the Technocracy.


MUS – Adebola Štefan Budny, Amel Nkosazana Molloy, Lisbet Othmar Salvay, Leaders of the Verbena in Madison, die in 2002. A Nephandi who was released in 1995 found the opening he needed by using the Avatar Storm to capture them. He was a World War II Nazi that experimented on many mages researching the Avatar.  He was banished in the spell that was supposed to lock all Nephandi away from Earth.  In 1995 the Technocracy had found him in deep space and worked with some in the Traditions to try and destroy him.  In a trick the Nephandi used the portal the mages used to try and capture him to allow him access back to Earth.  Once he returned he killed many Technocrats and then disappeared.

In 2002 he came back to Madison and attacked them during the height of an Avatar Storm one summer night. They were able to teleport Susheela to safety but were captured or killed by this monster.  

MUS – Alia Franka Acosta becomes leader via a vote.


2003 AD: 

Transmissions from the Rogue Council summon Emissaries to the Australian Outback. The Emissaries locate Nodes never catalogued by Void Engineer surveyors.

Angel sightings in Los Angeles relax the area’s paradigm.

WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from proj-odyssey.com, regarding Fomori Development and Training Facility #87-001, and how it has been destroyed. Satellite footage reveals that the fomori rebelled and seized control of the arms depot, then proceeded to ignite the facility’s chemical banks, releasing a cloud of poisonous fumes. Approximately 50 fomori have escaped to the nearby town of Burnt Gallows, Texas, and are preventing the local population from fleeing.

WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from hunter-net.org: “The sun is gone. But I have a light. The fire is coming for us all.— God45”

MUS – Abel Washington comes to Madison and sets up the Madison Digital Web Wifi Project.

MUS –  In 2003 Geshe Sopa was challenged to a duel for leadership of the Akashic Brotherhood.  He was killed in the duel. Some say this was murder but nothing has been proven.  As far as anyone knows it was an accident.

MUS –  Young Shun Yamaguchi takes over the Akashic brotherhood in 2003

MUS – Able Washington becomes Leader of the VA of Madison from 2003 to 2005 when he gets voted out of leadership. Elias Webb is voted in.


2004 –  Tremere loses his struggle with Saulot over control of his body. Tremere creates a ritual that transfers his consciousness into Etrius. Etrius then travels with a coterie bodyguard from Vienna, Austria to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with Sascha Vykos to negotiate an audience with Goratrix.  Tremere takes control of Goratrix and destroys the Tremere antitribu with the coterie that traveled with Etrius from Mexico City. 

MUS – Kyle has visions of the event with Tremere but doesn’t fully understand them until he talks to Rebbeca Troy (Tremere) and together they inform the Chairman.

The Apocalypse Forecast. Technocracy projections from 1999 calculate a 75.367% chance of some form of global catastrophe by this year. Projections also favoured some kind of internal war in the same time period.

WTOJ intercepts a radio broadcast at 23 MHz: “Help us! The sky has broken open over Ar-Ramadi and the sun is blotted out. It rains blood and fire. Demons walk the streets and speak the name of Vaniel, their master. Most of the population has been enslaved and made to tear down their homes to build a grand citadel to the Dark One. They’re coming for me—”

MUS – Fr. Michael Haider in 2004 dies

MUS – When his Master Fr. Michael Haider died, Steven Allen requests to take the trials required to become the new Leader of the Madison Chorus.  His request is denied and a vote for the new leader is made instead.  Steven has resented this ruling and has ever since been looking for a way to take the Leadership position away from the new master, Rita Danielsen.

MUS – Rita Safiya Danielsen takes over the Madison Celestial Chorus in 2004


2005 – Eris, the largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System, is identified by a team led by Michael E. Brown using images originally taken on October 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory.

The same storm, which pounded the U.S. earlier in the month, hits England, Scandinavia and the Baltic states, leaving 13 dead with widespread flooding and power cuts.

YouTube, the most popular video sharing website, is founded

MUS – Mother Mary born April 23, 2005 in Northern Wisconsin

MUS – Roger Allen Becomes imbued after following the advice of a message that he received telling him to flee the building he was in.  Moments after he made it out the door, the building was crumbled to dust in a controlled demolition.

Sunday March 20 

MUS – 6pm Israeli time all vampires across the globe woke up.  Later this event would be known as the rousing. After 28 days the withering began.  At first this was only felt and known by the lowest generation of vampires.  Within nine days this had spread to all of the kindred. Every vampire everywhere was effectively thin-blooded.  Elders were dragged from there havens and slayed in the streets all across the world.  In most places the vampire population decreased 50-90 percent.  Most vampires do not speak of these times as old friends and enemies alike made strange alliances and killed just to feel safe and survive another night longer. 

MUS – End of the avatar storm.

MUS – After the End of the Avatar storm a New Horizon Council is set up in Australia and Madison gains full access back to New Atlantis.  A vote is called for it is decided that a vote will take place to decided who will lead the Traditions.  With the major influx of Mages to Madison the vote went to the leaders of the people who brought those Mages to Madison.

MUS – Master Waukon Decorah Glory of the Dream Speakers dies in 2005.  Just before the Avatar Storm ended he was seen crossing into the Umbra never to be seen or heard from again.

Glory of the Morning creates the Cabal: Dream of Ecstasy.  

MUS – Waun-kaun-tshaw-zee-kau Takes over the Dreamspeakers of Madison in 2005 and creates the Cabal of the Dream.

MUS – Able Washington, leader of the Virtual Adepts of Madison since 2003 gets voted out of leadership. Elias Webb, secretly an evil Nephandi, is voted in.

MUS – 

 End of the great maelstrom


2006 – 

MUS – Dominique Faison becomes Imbued after being attacked by a vampire while working 3rd shift as a clerk at a hotel.

MUS – The Hunter Academy is founded by Redmond Thatcher, Lilly Raditch,

2009 – 

MUS – Natalia Romanenko is Imbued during a domestic violence event in her home.

2010 – 

MUS – Arlen Riggs Imbued after seeing a friend of his that should have been dead.  Then another one.  Then another one.  All three killed were in a blast in which Arlen was the only survivor.

MUS – Samantha’s Action News Team was taken hostage during a bank robbery.  Samantha Aranza becomes Imbued right as her captor is about to execute her, and instead, her captor burst into flames and was destroyed.


Capital Under Siege Prelude

2011 – 

MUS – Groups of Thin-Blooded Kindred start showing up in Madison.  Baroness Torri declares them a threat to the peace.  Tensions rise as the battle with the Thin Blooded Kindred brakes out. 

MUS – Madison’s Digital Web sector comes under attack by an army of spectres and banes.

MUS – Madison’s Nodes are drained of power.  At first the blame gets placed on the VA Unknown who in 2003 worked out a way to pull node power that would normally go to Horizon to go into the digital web.  However Jay Dee the leader of Madison in 2003 was the one to sanction this to allow the Digital Web to be a back door to Horizon.

2011 – February 6 (Sunday)

Packers defeat Steelers 31 to 25 at Cowboy’s Stadium in Super Bowl 45

MUS – Nodes around Madison start to drain.  The Council is pulling power from the Node to bring the Neverborn to Earth.

MUS – Digital Web comes under attack by odd Viruses 

MUS – A hive of Black Spirals, Wrath of the Snake Eaters, arrives in Madison. They set up shop west of Lake Waubesa.

2011 – February 10 (Thursday)

2011 – February 11 (Friday)

Legislation “Act 10” introduced

2011 – February 12 (Saturday)

MUS – NWO attacks Madison’s Digital Web

MUS – Scanner Dan, a local State Street ‘personality’ begins to rant to people on State Street that the Tarrasque under the lake is about to wake up. He continues to talk about this throughout the protests.

2011 – February 13 (Sunday)

MUS – Unknown is blamed by the Council Mages of Madison for Node siphoning.  The Council frames/believes Unknown is a Nephandi.  The Council has evidence that the Digital Web Sector of Madison has been siphoning energies from the nodes since 2003.  They believe this small siphoning has started to drain more now than before because of a Spector/Bane/Virus/NWO attack on the Digital Web.

MUS – The Council calls Unknown before them to explain why he is draining the nodes.  Unknown says he had permission from Jay Dee to implement a plan to again access to the Horizon Realm in 2003 and this required the power of the nodes.  This siphoning was kept in place to reinforce the Digital Web and allow for a back door into Madison’s Horizon Realm.  Jay Dee is called in and confirms this information.  Both are scolded for not getting permission for this continuing this act after 2005 elections and are told to cut the siphoning off.

MUS – After Jay Dee and Unknown leave the Council discusses the accusation that both Jay Dee and Unknown are Nephandi.  The Council decides to keep an eye on Jay Dee believing he is the Nephandi.  

2011 – February 14 (Monday)

MUS – Jay Dee requests that Gwydion Kelly come back to Madison.

MUS – Three unknown vampires are spotted in town.

2011 – February 15 (Tuesday)

Thousands of protesters march around the capitol.

Occupation of the capitol begins.

MUS – Peter Steel informs Tori Redford of three anemia cases that came in to downtown hospitals in the hour and a half after dusk.  Charity and Kyle take to the streets to confront the perpetrators behind the backs of Borislava and Victor.  Charity instead finds a pair of apparently “unclaimed” ghouls.  In the hours before dawn a body is found drained of blood in a south side hotel. 

MUS – Gwydion arrives in town and holds a meeting with Glory of the Morning and Jay Dee.  They talk about how the Nodes are still being drained even after shutting down the siphon of the Digital web.  It is decided that they will contact the Werewolves and summon a greater spider spirit of the Digital web to learn what is going on with the Node power.

MUS – The spider spirit informs them that the node power can be traced to a back door to the Dark Umbra of the Dead.  From what the spirit can tell its feeding something in the Dark Umbra.  It is coming from each of the Nodes controlled by the leadership council of Madison

MUS – Walter Kristoffson calls a meeting of Wisconsin Werewolves. He asks for any information they might have. He then leads the players in an attack on the Black Spirals. The Dancers die in battle, but leave behind a clue.

2011 – February 16 (Wednesday)

The number of protesters rises to ~30,000.

MUS – Two anemia cases are reported both Victor and Borislava fail to turn up any leads.

MUS – The Digital Web Attacks increase.  After the summoning of the spider spirit with the Glass Walker the Werewolves return with information that they had defeated a Black Spiral Dancer pack and he had a drawing on him that was encrypted.  They had decrypted much of the meaning so far but were having issues with one of the terms.

MUS – After working with the Mages the werewolves deciphered the drawing and it told the tale of a Never Born snake like creature that was trapped in the Dark Umbra.  This being is going to breach the barrier of Earth by accessing the Digital Web via the Dark Umbra backdoor and from there move into the Umbra and using the Shallow that exists on the lake come into Earth.

MUS – Unknown discovers the viruses are spectors/banes from the Dark Umbra braking into the web.

MUS – The Umbra around the capitol begins to change in strange ways. Existing spirits are moving around.

2011 – February 17 (Thursday)

All 14 Democratic Party senators leave the state to prevent quorum from being reached, thereby delaying a vote on Act 10.

Ed Schultz of MSNBC’s The Ed Show appeared live outside the Wisconsin State Capitol

2011 – February 18 (Friday)

AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, and other state labor leaders addressed the protest crowd on the Capitol lawn.

Crowd estimated at 68,000.

MUS – Council Mages call for the Digital Web Madison Sector to be shut down and control be handed over to Elias Webb.  Jay Dee intervenes and works out a deal with the Leadership to maintain control over the Digital Web.

MUS – Evidence is found that links the siphoning of Node power to be linked with the Neverborn.  The Council says it is doing its own investigation and to not interfere and to focus on containing the Digital Web issue.

MUS – Members of the Werewolf tribes approach Madison Magi with information that the Capital Loop is saying “Recall Walker” which in an ancient language means something like “Arise Beast; This Sacrifice We Give”  It is believed that this might be connected to the Neverborn.

MUS – Three more people turn up in hospitals during the day with anemia.  4 killed in grisly hotel blood bath

MUS – The Mage assassin named Nebula kills a Fae on the capitol lawn and throws its corpse in a tree. He used a dagger provided to him by a Nephandi that hired him for the hit. The dagger was destroyed during the murder.

2011 – February 19 (Saturday)

The number of protesters in Madison grew to over 70,000, including some who supported Walker’s plan

11 faculty members from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health established a “medical station” at the capitol, and signed sick notes for public employees abandoning their public post in order to protest. This shut down several school districts in the state.

MUS – Skirmishes begin after night fall between local and out of town vampires. One local vampire a Brujah rumored to be the childe that Borislava Konev sired during the rousing is placed into torpor.

MUS – The Children of Gaia in the occupied capitol break the litany and cause the delirium in 10 mundanes.

2011 – February 20 (Sunday)

2011 – February 21 (Monday)

Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, is in town and joins the protests

2011 – February 22 (Tuesday)

Start of Prelude, Week 2

MUS – Walter calls another meeting and requests information. The group then goes on a hunt for Nebula, the Mage who killed the Fae. They find him in Visions, a local burlesque club. They don’t kill him for fear of breaking the litany, but obtain a clue that leads them to a hotel room where they kill two fomori. An additional clue is found that reveals the location of where the neverborn will enter physical reality.

MUS – The NWO and Spectators launch a full scale attack on the main Hub of the Madison Digital Web bringing down the Madison Digital Wifi.

MUS – Unknown calls on allies of old to assist with the attacks but they are still being over run.  With the assistance of the Glasswalker Tribe and Brando Giovanni the Digital Web of Madison is cleared of Spectres and Banes by the end of the occupation.

MUS – A group of Kindred, Mages, Garou, and Hunters gathered this day to work together on a battle plan to destroy the Neverborn.  The Mages will attack it in the Digital Web, the Garou will attack it in the Umbra, the Kindred will fight it in the Dark Umbra and the Hunters will fight it on Earth.

2011 – February 23 (Wednesday)

A prank phone call was made to Gov. Scott Walker from editor of The Buffalo Beast, Ian Murphy, who pretended to be David Koch, a prime funder of Walker’s campaign.

MUS – Supernatural and warding defences weaken in a chantries.

2011 – February 24 (Thursday)

2011 – February 25 (Friday)

The bill is passed in the assembly (NOT the senate) at 1AM under dubious circumstances.  Allegations of misconduct are eventually ignored.

MUS – Evidence is found that links the siphoning of Node power to be linked with a creature in the shadowlands.

2011 – February 26 (Saturday)

Another nationally televised protest, CNN estimates 100,000-125,000 people descended on the capitol grounds.

MUS – Massive amounts of spiritual energy is being siphoned from the protesters. No one can tell where the energy is going.

MUS – Vampires organize and push the unwelcomed vampires out of town.  Several are killed in open fighting.  Tensions are flared, this mess will echo through the city for some time.

2011 – February 27 (Sunday)

MUS – After speaking with his contacts in the Wraith, Unknown discovers that the power being drawn out of the people walking the capital square saying “Recall Walker” is not feeding the Neverborn but something else.  The power is going into the Dark Umbra but is not going to the Neverborn and is not using the back door in the digital web but rather going directly to the Dark Umbra.  It is never found out what this ritual was about but it is connected to the Council Mages of Madison.

2011 – February 28 (Monday)

Bill O’Reilly shows footage of another protest while covering Wisconsin’s protest. He is widely criticized for this on the left and by the protesters.

2011 – March 1 (Tuesday)

Dane County Sheriff removes his deputies from the capitol doors and refuses to be “the palace guard.”

2011 – Week 3: Players get in a huge fight!

MUS – The Neverborn is awakened.  The Mages of Madison gather in the Digital Web.  Mr. Kelly and Unknown work together to build a super construct to fight the Never Born.  This construct is of a Mongoose and was extremely well designed.  With the assistance of Brando Giovanni, Glasswalker and other denizens of the Digital Web contained the Banes, Spectors, and Viruses that served the Neverborn, the Construct was free to battle the Neverborn.  After a short Conflict the Neverborn is destroyed by the construct.

MUS – The Neverborn is killed in the Digital Web.

MUS – Werewolves attack the Neverborn in the Umbra

MUS – Kindred fight the Neverborn in the Dark Umbra

MUS – Hunters fight alongside the Mages on Earth.

MUS – Neverborn is killed in all of the realms wiping it from existence and back into the loving embrace of Oblivion.

2011 – March 2 (Wednesday)

2011 – March 3 (Thursday)

OCCUPATION OF THE CAPITOL ENDS. Dane County Judge Moeser rules public access to the capitol must be restored for all citizens during working hours with some restrictions. Court order in hand, the last remaining protesters decide to leave the capitol. However, administration refused to ease certain restrictions, such as metal detectors.

2011 – March 4 (Friday)

2011 – March 5 (Saturday)

Michael Moore speaks on the capitol steps.

2011 – March 6 (Sunday)

MUS – Hunters Sign Madison Supernatural Peace Treaty

2012 – 2014 –

MUS – After the events of 2011 there is relative peace in Madison between 2012 and 2014

2015 – 

MUS – Jessica Stralia becomes imbued in a peaceful event one night while working at a strip club outside of Madison.

October 31 – 

MUS – The seventeenth annual Basilica presents: A group of four ghouls from across the midwest arrive in Madison Wisconsin. They infiltrate the halloween salon. Their attempt to abduct a vampire goes horribly awry when the dethroned and unhinged Brandy Madison stumbles across their hotel room.

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